Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Old Dog (me) New Tricks

My April and then May have flown by in a flurry of momentous activities ... I am always up for adventure but some things do take me awhile to adjust to!! So, that brings me to the title of the post. Well, I'm not that old but, old enough for some stuff to just feel awkward - like, me running a shaved
ice stand?!?!  I thought of  Sadie-girl today as I was being taught, she's our dog who is twelve years old now, and I realize actually, she is still very smart and is retrained often to do what she needs - well, hmmmm, she may be retraining me to accommodate her elderly age. At any rate, that expression came to me as I was learning the ropes of shaving ice; it definitely takes a certain technique to get the end product at its best!  Yep. It will just be part time but, between my girl and I we will manage the one stand through this season of warm days. I will be the primary childcare person on some days and on others, she will have her kiddos and I run the stand.

So, what's up with my eating clean, walking, and taking good care of myself and then my selling these totally unhealthy but refreshing and delicious drinks to a summer crowd ... it's almost an oxymoron situation, right? Well, actually in the overall scheme of things I am totally okay with it!! You see, it's kind of like, all things in moderation - you know? And seriously, these Shaved Ice Goodies are delish!!


Friday, April 14, 2017

Prayers - continued

Prayers are a mighty personal and powerful part of anyone's life.
The way I have prayed has changed through the years but then again, stayed very much the same. Hmmm - not sure what that says about me as a maturing Christian woman. Well, maybe suffice it to say I have always talked with God - whether it was walking on the shore while growing up or on an rooftop in my college years, or even now, as I am walking the track at the Greenway. Just all kinds of places - I engage in prayer time with the Father - sometimes, they are totally Spirit led, because for sure, there are those moments that there are no words on my part - utter despair, or complete joy. Many times God hears me repeating Thank You! thank you. THANK YOU!!!! and He knows my heart and its all-encompassing gratitude of that moment in time.
I love sharing and giving suggestions about prayer life with others. I have read some good books, and been in great studies. Prayer comes easy to some and for others it seems to be a struggle. But, truly, deciding to come to the Father in humbleness, genuinely seeking His will and way is all it takes. After all, He is the Creator Father and NO ONE know us like HIM!!
I do go on the most amazing walks with My Guy and they are special in their own way - he hashtags them #loverswalk - makes my heart so glad. Sometimes we go on hikes in these gorgeous mountains around here - those are mighty fine times too!!

 I mentioned the other day that I pray as I walk - I call these walks my Power Prayer Walks - bettering my body and my soul - you can't beat that! Anyway, I walk and decide ahead of time what my topics of prayer will be - Tuesday is for family - and I shake it up on the how to. I pray for individuals. Sometimes I start at the extended family and move in to the intimate ones. Other times I start with the head of our immediate family - Lowell, and move all the way down to the littlest - the baby our Jessi is carrying. And then, I pray for each. From head to toe, inside and out, their ups and downs .... this past Tuesday I started with the littlest wee one. I didn't finish with everyone!

finished my walk and still had folks in the family to pray over ;) 

Another example is - Thursdays I pray specifically for my work - and go about it various ways too. My teammates, or Distributors and then teammates - as in my Loyal Customers, and then also my own business - ethics, growth, dynamics of how to get it done - so many things that I can take to the Father's listening ears.
I also, pray ABC prayers (like I mentioned in the last Prayer note) and 1-2-3 prayers, and a five finger prayer that covers topics of concern. I use those structured prayers many times when I am driving long distances or even when doing something like mowing the grass. I have found I can talk with God with out any form and structure and it will be fine, other times I want to pray but my mind just wanders all over the creation. I am totally convinced He loves all the times I talk with Him - sharing my life in rejoicing and petitions. Journaling my prayers has worked too - and months or years later it is the most amazing thing to see how they were answered.
God is so good to us. I pray you know Him intimately and if not, 
and you want help on that - I am here. 
His Word is a light! No secrets! We can come to Him and accept that free gift of salvation 
and then, enjoy the most rewarding relationship ever! 


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Prayers - part one

Prayers are a wondrous thing ... and praying can happen anywhere. Like, for example when my guy and I went on our mini-adventure - what? a week ago yesterday. So much in our world has changed -

Just joking about that "a week ago yesterday" line! Honestly, I just saw this draft and YES - so many things have changed. That mini-adventure was more like a month ago now. But, I truly remember the thoughts I had in mind and now, they're even more poignant ... so, in a bit, I will definitely share them!
Okay - it's the next morning - and I actually found the prayer note I had written out on a receipt from an auto parts store. I wrote a prayer while sitting by the river - it wasn't even spring yet, so it was a super chilly day - just teasing us with a smattering of the warmth to come. Here's  couple of pics from that day:

My guy fished - didn't catch a thing but a relaxing afternoon and but, did see a few! I sat on the rocky edge chasing the sunshine. And while sitting and climbing around, I prayed.
I hummed and sang this song (you know before I even type it out, I'm sure) "Well, I went down to the river to pray, felt so good, I stayed all day. ... Good Lord, show me the way."
I wanted to pray about my work, my busy-ness, who I am and where I am going .... just have a lay it before the Lord time ... so, here it was

My prayer - and yes, I often utilize a-b-c to help me stay in focus.
A - Oh Father, I pray for ALL my family - each one who needs you and your presence and guiidance in their lives. I pray for ALL my team. And I thank you for the abilities You've given me. And for this Awesome creation - Lord, I thank you!
B - I thank you Father for the Bounties you have in store for me! and all my current blessings - help me to be one and to never not appreciate all I have.
C - God, I am grateful for Creation and my Creativity! Help me to climb higher. Help me to proclaim Christ - to be in Him and live through Him. I Celebrate life in You.
D - Help me to Dare to Dream - to be a Daniel. Deliver me from my fears.
E - I pray I will empty myself and be filled with You, to show an eagerness to help, to serve, to grow.
F - Help me to Follow You and to Follow leaders who can help me be my best self.
G - Help me Get over myself. I rejoice in the 'Get-To's of life and the Gumption that you Give me freely!
H - I sing Hallelujah to You! Help me help others be their best!
I - Ignite in me a fire to be Inspired and Inspire others to live a life worthy of  Your Calling.
J - JOY - I am so happy to live in it and be it to others!!
K - I pray I will practice Kindness - practicing it daily. I want to Keep on even when the going gets rough.
L - Oh! the Laughter - allow me to Laugh at myself, Laugh with others and to LIVE fully - to share life, Give Life.
M - Be with me as I Make new friends.
N - I am Naming my Goals dear Father - I am in the rough but ready to shine. No - help me to use it only when needed!
O - I love the Optimism you fill me with. And I thank you for Owls - they represent wisdom for which I am grateful. Help me Own my biz!
P - I Praise you Lord for the practice of success - Positive, Powerful, Prayerful - I give it all to YOU!
Q - Help me quick when necessary, quiet when need and never to Quit!!
R - I rejoice daily - in life, with my family, with my team.
S - Thanks for Success - help me to share it and all good things!
T - Help me always to remember: Take it to the Lord, Talk it out, and leave it there.
U - I love Unity Father - let me help promote it. And I thank you for Un-paralleled success!
V - Victory in Jesus and all parts of life because of Him.
W - I Worship You and give praise for this Wonderful life.
X - I eXalt You Lord, in ALL.
Y - Yours, I am Yours - today, tomorrow and forever. Thank You.
Z - Zoom - with Zeal and Zest and joy of living. Thank You Dear Lord.


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Priorities and Their Shifts

I am leaving a pretty good impression of being inconsistent with this blog and my other one as well. I'm not sure if it's an out and out choice or perhaps just circumstances that I haven't been on here consistently but I do know there are those areas of my life that take prominence and they are forever taken care of.
Whether I post about it here or not, my family and their needs are met - in love, in their care, in just getting done what needs to be done. Perfectly? Never!! But, even in its imperfect way the laundry gets done, meals are cooked, the house blessed and most importantly, the hubby is loved on and supported for who he is - the head of our family and provider of so many things, both spiritually and physically.
My work though ,,,, that's another topic of discussion.
I am faithfully an It Works Wrap Girl.  Many times that has meant I am a faithful customer of our products (how can I not be? I love my health!) and I always - like daily -  post on Facebook and Instagram and sometimes add Twitter and Pinterest - sharing their goodness with others who come to know and appreciate them as well. I pretty consistently add customers ... but that isn't what is going to GROW my business.
I am such a fan of Network Marketing - and along the way have made so many friends that have become like family. It may be that a business shift is coming for me and my job ... not sure but, I will let you know when it all becomes more clear!

Basically, that slow but steady, safe existence meant I've been idling - just meandering around the tarmac, never have given 100% towards a magnificent take-off. Oh, I've risen a little ways - just barely scraping over the treetops but, quickly came back on to runway. A safe zone, no crashes. Why? Not enough fuel? Fear? Lack of preparation? Ignorance on how to keep flying? Perhaps all of those have had a hand in my bare-bones existence. But, I have not closed my doors!! And it's not been a loss - or a waste of time - I have learned SO much and gained confidence in myself. And so, it's all come together finally - with wisdom, grace for myself and from the Father (I see His fingerprints all over my story), a trust in my own abilities, good choices and a conscious decision to choose flight!
Sharing all that leads me to say - there is going to be a shifting in my priorities. It's 'all' still going to get done, I can work just fine under the pressure and with an agenda, if I keep my strength up - and best of all,  I'm claiming discipline - knowing that upsets, and need for engine repair, reassessment will come but, by in large, I'm getting ready for take-off - and hallelujah - it's not by myself! There's others on our team ready to soar as well - so, I have inspiration in seeing that happen too! I'm busy, gathering momentum, working hard, fueling up and ready.
So excited in all this. Denying fear the chance to take hold, Eliminating disappointment before it grows. I'm claiming and rejoicing in a quiet, but bold sense of coming home and an expectation of delight in where we'll be.

Our team, soaring, heading to the place where dreams come true.
Life - its journeys are ever amazing and full of wonder. Don't you just love it?


Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Last Pumpkin - Who Loves Food?!?!

I am so very very grateful the Creator God gave us FOOD!! and taste buds to enjoy it and the sense of smell to savor it! So many precious memories revolve around food - for me at least. I just really enjoy eating!
I love all kinds of food - from so many ethnic backgrounds. I am thankful too to be married to a guy who loves the ever succulent adventure of trying new foods and then re-visiting those dishes whenever we can. There are very few things I've tried that I have utterly disliked - or perhaps I've not acquired a taste for it yet.
I love to eat on my own, in a group, or just with my honey. I love the gathering of friends and family to savor moments that center around food - after time has thoughtfully been spent in the kitchen. I love when I have been invited to a home and get to smell unique spices, to taste those flavors that are particular to that culture. We have lived in three countries plus visited others where we were invited to the sacred rite of sharing a meal in someone's home. Amazing! just amazing!
Food can be taken advantage of or even abused but I believe that God meant for us to enjoy all these tastes and a variety of unique dishes with relish and with no guilt!
Serving sizes matter, though. Use discretion and don't stretch your stomach into always requiring more to feel full! Drinking lots of water - even a glass before a meal can help you control the amount you want eat. All things in moderation and eating is truly an absolute joy!
I do have my own thoughts and opinions about food. I really believe that the more natural we go and try our best to use and prepare food with unprocessed ingredients, the better it is for our health. I think also, that home-cooked and fresh prepared is the best. It may take extra time but is worth it! Additives, preservatives and chemicals accumulate in our bodies and eventually may wreak havoc on our health. When we cook from scratch we can control the quantity and the quality of the ingredients. We decide our portions ... it is up to us to use self-control.
All that is not to say I always choose wisely or perfectly in my eating but my general way of life and eating is pretty clean and natural.
this is what I ate yesterday - started with a sliver of home-made pumpkin pie & coffee, then, pimento cheese with sliced olives on a piece of toast, for lunch was white corn nachos w/ jalapenos and cheese, afternoon snack: 1/2 banana, 1/2 tangerine & a few almonds, supper: a lean hamburger patty, sweet potato and salad. Wow! that's alot of food!!
I know, I know, I am so very blessed ... and all of us are who have a couple of meals a day. And so, I count my blessings daily, and am ever grateful for food!!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Still November, Still Thankful - for Family and Friends!

Family - this small, little six letter word encompasses so much. Especially for those of us  who are Christians. It may sort of seem that when I covered Home I could have covered family too but not really. Family is so much more than the place where my 'immediates' live. And well, yes, that can even change through the years.
There are times we have no choice in the matter, like our blood relatives - I was born into the family of Clyde and Naomi and already had in place two older sisters. The one nearest my age had Downs Syndrome so, there was going to be definite influences on my life that are probably different than others. I already had a  whole gigantic slew of relatives because Dad was one of 13 children and Mom the youngest of 9. So, I had bookoos of cousins, and uncles and aunts. I only had one set of grandparents though because my Mom's parents had already died. Anyway, this was what I was born into, a set culture, background, a spirituality already being lived out on both sides of my family. It was a  pretty marvelous group to be born into. Not perfect by any means and our own set of negatives to overcome, but a good foundation and I am SO very grateful. So much to be thankful for and also, a feeling of responsibility to keep a standard of respect and integrity for this family.

Some of us marry into family and that becomes ours as well ... by law and by someone's choice. Dad and Mom in laws, sister and brother in laws, uncle and aunts, grandparents, the daughters and sons in laws .... all these are ours! Sometimes this group is very small and sometimes it becomes really, really big! And also, with this comes responsibility - to keep love and concern flowing, celebrations of life and death. Sometimes those in laws are ours because of someone else marrying but they matter, This is all ours.
I have chosen a family along the way - when I became a Christian and was added to the Body of Christ on February 16, 1969, God made me a part of a universal spiritual family that knows no boundaries of location, culture, color, gender, or time ... yes, I am able to count generations of long-gone folks as my brothers and sisters. Pretty amazing!!I believe a lot of joy and responsibility comes with this choice.

Friendship leads to family-like ties sometimes too - when you feel so close to someone who has no other tie than that of friendship but the hearts just mesh in a unity that is really cool. A favorite little poem of mine is:

Some friends are summer friends, fragile as flowers they are delightful in life's milder hours. I love the winter friends; wind tossed they bow but do not break nor lose their luster in the snow and ice. (unknown)

And of course this verse is so true!!

Friends come and friends go,
    but a true friend sticks by you like family. Proverbs 18:24 (MSG)

So, anyway, I am so very thankful for all the people in my life who make up family - they have been and will continue to be part of who I am. For sure, I have been affected negatively by family members - that unspoken affirmation, the longed-for presence that never appeared, those sought for words that were never given. But, for the most part I live for and have always dwelt in the positive. Hugs, joy, laughter, singing, amazing fellowship, support when I couldn't go it alone, the knowing that I have been surrounded by prayer warriors my entire life!! All of this ...  molding and defining who I am.
My own prayer is that I will be a positive influence on these people - that my impact will always bring light to places that could be dark otherwise. I know I have messed up various times. But, I pray I will never underestimate the power of my word, my encouragement, my positive reaction to their good news, my sorrow lovingly expressed in imminent, unavoidable losses. And, just that my love and influence will always be a beacon shining the way to heaven's gates as I follow day by day in His steps.