Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dreams, We All Have Them

We all have dreams. Ours has been in the making for a while now.  Husband, son and I are planning to move to Honduras this August. WELL, have you watched the news lately? Yep, there's a lot going on in Honduras right now. Has this done anything to change our minds? No, not really. If anything it has rather affirmed that we are absolutely correct in our belief that we are very much needed and we are looking forward to the work.
I am so proud of Hondurans at this moment that I could bust my buttons!! I am so proud of the missionaries and expats that stayed put (although I understand the mission groups getting out). My prayer is that each will stay strong in spite of the major misunderstanding and non-support of our supposedly free USA - come on people, get the whole story and show your support in this crucial matter affecting the free world as we know it!! What do we really stand for? Freedom? or the alternative?
Please watch this video for an excellent chronological story of the events over the past month ...
And PLEASE, not only pray for Honduras in this moment, but read, ask questions, listen and learn the whole story and then help others to understand as well. This is big, folks, this is really big. YOU can be a part of helping a nation to retain their freedom. Tell your friends. Write your Senators. Men like Senator Candy Mack and others will make a difference and let the truth be known.
And KNOW, I am looking forward to our dream coming true!

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