Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Exciting Day!

We are all searching for the Abundant Life and I am in the middle of it - living and loving each and every day I am granted. This continual quest, even though ongoing, is also full of contentment and joy. Never settling for the benign, always striving to grow and develop and giving, delivering my utmost.
New Beginnings are exciting! This is my new beginning - a website/blog where I can share thoughts, ideas, sources, resources, books, products and personalities with you as I continue to Journey in Abundance!
Because I believe it is within our reach to consistently and constantly grow to be a better person. That is my goal: to always learn, grow, develop and transform to the best creation God intended me to be! I've had a lot of practice, and am still working on it; by no means am I near completion but as it is, and for what it's worth I would love for you to join me on this journey.  I promise we'll do some laughing, reflecting, considering, some serving - shucks, we may even shed a few tears, all the while traveling upward and onward. The goal will be the end of this life - finishing it with the joy of completeness ---  but with that said, know it will be the beginning of life eternal.
I'm glad you're here - come on, let's get started!

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