Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Good Times

Don’tcha know that life is comes at us sometimes like a ‘zip file’ that just burst its seams and you wonder how the minutes can crowd one more activity in?
The last few months have been crazy for me and my family. The weeks have been filled with everything from the upheaval of dreams, to the establishment of new dreams, deaths, births, marriages, farewells and reunions. It has been a kaleidoscope of emotions. I wonder sometimes if my heart can hold one more emotion.
It’s not over yet and sometimes I question  how I will even keep my wits about me. However, no matter what the dilemma, or catastrophe, negative situation I do realize all of this can be outweighed by good times, great family and fantastic friends. Thankfully, husband Lowell, is super about just stopping and taking time out of the craziness to relax and ‘just be”… reminding me to take a moment to relax and relish life.
This was one of those days – in amongst the busyness of where we were and what we were doing our Lowell/Dad/Poppy says:  “Let’s grab the kids and go to the Zoo” and away we went. I want to share a couple of  those bright moments of … our spontaneous trip to The Zoo!
I thank God that my life has been abundantly blessed with spontaneity and fun courtesy of my Darling Husband.

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