Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Little on “Trails”

My road to abundance took on a form of ‘trails’ the other day.
I got up fully intending to cross off my to do list any number of good items … man, I was going to have a big, busy, ‘get ‘er done’ day’! Then, after morning quiet time and reflection it came to me. Lowell’s day off, Jared – his time is with us is limited and me and Jake with home school – well, we’re flexible … so it became obvious, this really should be a day of family adventure. We finished some necessities, and other more pressing items became less urgent in the light of the priority of making memories with our sons.
We loaded up a picnic of sandwiches and snacks to last the day, plenty of water and took off to Grayson Highlands.
A first for each of us.
We heard there’d be wild ponies, other hikers, and sites to behold. But there was also waterfalls, blueberries and blackberries to eat on as went along. It was a rich day – one of those days we’ll recall with fondness and always there’ll be stories to tell! We didn’t get to do all we intended which means we’ll go back – hooray!
I will preface this by saying our family loves State Parks. From the time the big kids were little kiddos we’ve enjoyed the outdoor adventures of State Parks. We’ve been to many in quite a few states and have stayed in their cabins as well as done tent camping. Of course, there are the ‘day-trips’ like this day’s. We go with anticipation of exploring and hiking the paths and trails and deliberate ahead of time as to which we can do in our time-frame and also, for endurance sake. This day was no different – we stopped by the main office with our map and went inside to discuss with the Ranger at the desk what would be the best to tackle for our 4-6 hours. She told us 3 ‘must do’s – the meadows with the wild ponies, the waterfalls and the pinnacle with the 360 degree view. Cool! It was going to be a wonderful day! The weather was perfect and we were raring to go!
We did the meadow trails first and were not disappointed in the least. In addition to regular hikers, there were numerous people out picking wild huckleberries and blueberries. Ahhh, they were scrumptious and such a treat but as Lowell, said, very distracting! The ponies were so fantastic in their dignified preciousness. They were miniature, majestic beings! One little guy was insistent on being recognized as he nuzzled our hands and backpacks. His mother was friendly as well, coming up to us on her own accord to get her ears scratched.
For part of this time in ‘the meadows’ we were on the Appalachian Trail and therefore randomly came across some serious hikers. That was neat. Also, these trails are designed to be enjoyed on horses or mules so got to visit with these folks too.
On this day I learned lessons about communication, maps and trails and I will share a little more on that another time. Hopefully, what I learned will tie it into life lessons for not just me but some of you too.

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