Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Harvests of Life

Okay, so, I said life is full of harvests?
Yep, like emotional harvests – family life is full of this one. You put so much energy and feelings into your relationships with your spouse or your children and consequently you reap emotional harvest throughout life. This is the best! I love family! I love all aspects of preparation, watering, enrichment, and I love the harvest of laughter, support, reciprocated love, and shared joy.
Of course, more emotional harvests include the romantic part of you – your celebration time with your spouse or significant other. Now, that’s a great harvest time! And then, there’s the harvest of cultivating wonderful friendships – it’s so neat having old friends that you share memories with and even though years may go by where you don’t see a special friend, when you do re-connect, it’s like only yesterday you were with them. New friends are vital, too, and keep life fresh. Also, in relationships with our ’spiritual’ family there’s a rich harvest when those of like hearts participate in unique times of jubilation and too, in times of comfort and support when crisis comes.
Which kind of leads me to spiritual harvests – this is one of the most fulfilling of all life’s harvests. I mean if a person is not alive and enjoying the harvest of sacred richness then most of the rest of life will be pretty mundane. How wonderful to have a relationship with the Creator of all the universe that consequently enables one to indulge in total pleasure of nature, people, thought, and just – life.
Then too, there’s delicious intellectual harvests – reading, studying, and working hard to learn something. This gleaning of wonderful knowledge continues throughout life as well – if we avidly participate in keeping mentally active. Graduations are some of the most fantastic celebrations in life – and we all can participate as we journey through our own ‘academia’ in life’s journey.
There’s physical harvests – exercising, eating right, taking care of this body and then being able to enjoy good health and special activities like hiking or swimming. I am such a avid believer in good thoughts helping to produce good health — therefore I arise every morning and am eternally grateful for every breath and physical ability I have. A physically balanced life leads to ultimately a harvest of being able “to do”.
Of course, there are the financial harvests that we should be able to enjoy along life’s path. I truly believe all of us in the good ol’ USA take for granted this harvest. Every single material part of our life is the harvest of being financially fit. If you have a roof over your head and regular food for your belly then you are rich indeed and the rest of what you have is just fluff. We spend so much time on this harvest – working sometimes 24/7 for more and more rather than stopping to enjoy each day and truly savor all the rich bounty we work so hard for.
All of us are guilty – at one time or another – of abusing one or two or all of these areas of life and then the harvest suffers. We’re not a rich as we could be or able to enjoy all we might have if only we’d done things differently. We wish we had more interaction with the kids, or we would love a date night with our special someone. We long for someone to talk with, to laugh with. We wish we felt closer to God, had a relationship with people at ‘church’. We’re sorry we didn’t get that degree or learn that trade. We hate that we’re overweight. We can’t stand that we get so breathless after a walk up that hill. We’re sick of working that job and we regret not taking time to … just sit and relax in our home.
Well, you know, it’s all about choices. Maybe we haven’t done so good in the past but hey, we can look to a brighter, more productive future! We don’t have to live in a state of famine in any area of our life – not when we know we can do better. Make up your mind … that you will not live in a barren land. It can still happen – we can transform our lives by beginning anew, making a clean start. Decide today that you’ll get a little sweaty, put forth enough effort that you feel the strain of working hard. Then, plant a few worthwhile seeds. It may take a little fertilizer here, and look, you might should till the soil there, remove a few rocks, water a little, spread some sunshine, pull some weeds, do a little pruning and then when you’ve done all your part – really have done it well – then sit back and anticipate the harvest!
This is what makes up abundance in life – prepare as you go along, and live with anticipation of goodness … what a celebration it could be – the wonder and joy of Harvest Time!
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