Monday, September 21, 2009

Seasonal Harvest

I love the autumn – it is my absolute favorite season of the year. I love the colors, the crispness in the air, the cool mornings, the geese that settle onto the pond, and of course all the fall gathering of fruits and vegetables from the garden!

Before a harvest there is the time of preparedness – which involves so many aspects – for instance, the mental decisions that are gone into … like, careful consideration of what fruits you want ultimately to bear. There’s also preparation of the earth and you have to have a knowledge of what a plant needs as to whether or not you add nutrients to the soil, or maybe even a handful of sand to ensure proper drainage. Of course, there’s the inevitable clearing of the land – sometimes this is just a minor job if the area has been used in the past but there are those times when it’s a brand-spanking-new project and radical clearing and fertilizing must take place. Careful thought is given to the location of plants as well – which ones should go side by side, and also if its planted in full sun, partial sun or shady.

Our family garden began in the early spring. We planted vegetables that were suited for cool mornings, and the shorter days. Careful thought went into each stage and because we planted early and have re-planted a time or two since then, we have been reaping a steady harvest which began in late June. It’s been quite yummy. All of us have pitched in when the picking, canning and freezing had to be done. And we’ve all eaten wonderful produce throughout the summer. We’re still into this gardening, though, because now, it’s the fall greens, okra, squash … but, as all times of harvest progress, it will be over all too soon.

Gardening is one of the joys of life – flower gardens, herb gardens, fruit and vegetable – it’s a creative growing time. We learn so many of life’s lessons from cultivating things. We get to participate with the Supreme Creator when we decide to plant and reap the benefits of a garden.

Life is full of its harvests. When the long awaited harvest time comes, it’s a time of celebration, enjoyment, of gratefulness. So many things happen to enable there to be a harvest. Long before the bountiful yield there are those necessary steps that must be gone through and there’s a couple of ‘inevitables’ that are a given and I guess the biggest is: work. This work will bring on muscle strain, exhaustion, and sure enough, you’ll probably get dirty and sweaty more than once.

Whether it is a physical garden of fruits and vegetables or life as we live it, harvest is a wonderful season of life.

Never had a family garden? There’s no time like now – a good fall garden can be a wonderful thing … greens, some squash, pumpkins … just do some investigating and see what you can do for now, or if not now, just plan and prepare for springtime. At Your Ninth Hour there are some good resources on gardening.

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