Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happiness -- Within Your Reach!

Probably the most sought after state of being or mindset in human kind is happiness. In fact I guess you could say the most universal desire in the world is man’s desire for happiness. At times we feel it’s arrived and just when we start to enjoy having happiness around lo and behold, sickness, trauma or some sort of unexpected stress shows up at our doorstep and happiness leaves through the back door. Many people work hard at grabbing hold of ‘make-believe’ happiness – fluff and stuff in forms of a quick-fix, a one night stand, the next gadget or gizmo, the latest in fashion or attending the hottest functions – all in the effort to have and maintain that elusive emotion – happiness.
I am here to let you in on a couple irrefutable secrets … that will ultimately allow you to realize – happiness is absolutely and totally within your reach.
First of all, it is of utmost importance to understand what love is and involves. Real love is GIVING! It seeks only the good of a loved one. Yet in giving love freely, you get it, for it is like energy in that it expands only as it is released. It is like a seed in that it multiplies only when you sow it.
As Ella Wheeler Wilcox put it like this –
Give love and love to your heart will flow;
A strength in your utmost need;
Have faith and a score of hearts will show
Their faith in your word and deed.”
True abundance is found in the number of things one loves and blesses, which he is loved and blessed by … the number of children that are helped, the friends that are loved, the pets cared for, even the plants, the rivers … all of it, one pours out love and he is shown love and devotion … and the heart overflows with the beauty of happiness.
The most unhappy person on earth is the person who keeps all his love to himself … they cease to give and ultimately cease to have.
You see, life itself is expansion – mentally and physically. When you stop growing, you die … literally – as in your body; and figuratively – as in mentally. And you know what? Just as life is expansion (action), so happiness is service. In helping and praising others and in making them happy, well, you win happiness for yourself! Cool!
It is God’s plan to make one win happiness through struggle and service, through adding to the happiness of others. So, just ask yourself, What have I got to GIVE that will add to the happiness of those around me? You will be absolutely blown away by how many simple little ways of brightening the lives of others will present themselves, and how great the reward these ways can bring.
Here is an excellent poem I’d love to share with you –
You have no talent? Say not so.
A weaker brother you can lift
And by your strength help him to go
Renewed and blessed – this is your gift.
No talent? Some one needs a word
Of courage, kindness, love and cheer –
Which only you can speak – to gird
His spirit against grief and fear.
Yours is a special gift that none
But you can use, Oh, lift your heart!
So much of good will be undone
unless you do your own great part.
You are God’s helper day by day;
He comforts, guides and speaks through you;
He needs just you in this blest way.
No talent? Oh, that is not true!
Evelyn Gage Brown
Two important ‘firsts” –
  • The first characteristic of love is to GIVE.
  • God’s first (and greatest) commandment is to give out love.
Make the world a happier place than you found it. Do that, and you cannot keep happiness from coming to you!
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