Monday, October 19, 2009

Owned by Stuff

part 2

Yep, I came to the conclusion I am owned by stuff. But also, in going through it and making some wise choices I am becoming less and less enslaved by stuff. Sometimes it takes a wake-up call for us to face our stuff and make a decision to denounce its claim over us – like a sudden decision to move, or going on a mission trip and being faced with real poverty, or a loved one dies and leaves you to go through their stuff. But back to my stuff …

Just because it’s been stored doesn’t mean it all is fantastic stuff – some of it represents sad, heartbreaking times. For example, I ran across the cards from when we journeyed through the ordeal of 2 miscarriages – the pain was fresh again but also, the comfort from dear friends was sweet. I also made a Baby Book for those times — the tears were frequent as I mourned anew for our Jordan Lee and Jonathan Samuel.

On the other hand, I had kept the little uniforms our girls wore daily to school in Argentina – and the native clothing the kids had worn in Africa … oh my! how cute! What an adventure those years were.

There were cards, letters, journals … stuff that can be reduced to a couple of excellent scrapbooks.

And, to me, this was a biggie, I was affirmed by my own words – I ran across writings from my hand when I was only 18 years old … long before I met the man who was to be my husband. But these words, were prophetic – declaring the life I wanted for myself and for my future family. By God’s grace, I have not been disappointed! In my own heart I had charted my course and set my path accordingly – always asking to be guided by the Father.

Have there been dark times? Yes. Have there been obstacles – well, naturally. Has there been laughter in our home and ‘I loves you’s’ bouncing off the walls? yes and yes! Tears of joy and sometimes of heartache, passions expressed and suppressed, words shouted in happiness and even anger – all that. But always, Jesus in the middle, and very much at home – in our  house.

I wonder sometimes how people DO life without that … supreme guidance. How and why live without someone bigger than themselves having the final say in the really important issues of life? To me and I guess it could just be me … it’s a comfort. Well, even though all this stuff represents so much work and maybe some foolish decisions, I am over-all just so glad that it has come to this and has to be done … hopefully, I will get it taken care of in the here and now and my loved ones won’t have to make tough judgment calls after I’m gone.

Oh, shoot, the reality of it is — all this stuff represents a bittersweet chore for me. I get to go through it – lovely! and I have to make decisions – tough! what to sell, what to throw and what to … well, let’s see here … is there some kind of compromise?

Life – what it’s made of – is good.
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