Friday, October 23, 2009

TGIF --Celebrate!

FRIDAY … yeehaw!

TGIF! That means: The work week is almost over. There’s a break from school. The week-end is almost here. Parties, relaxation, fun times, good times, yard work, house work, getting with friends, shopping, R&R … just so many activities that are different than the grind of M-T-W-T … Because only Friday signifies “yeah! It’s almost over”; this finality uniquely makes it a very special day. Wow! On Twitter TGIF is one of the most talked about subjects on any given Friday. Radio stations across the US center their whole Friday morning themes around TGIF.

TGIF can be many things – like a conversation opener. You can be standing on a crowded bus come Friday morning and you may hear one person say to another … “TGIF” and the other will smile and agree. It leads to “Whatcha going to do this week-end?” Hallways at schools will find teachers and students exchanging “TGIF” and then plans for their respective week-ends.

We celebrate Fridays – every single week! This day must really feel special – I bet the other days of the week are envious. This feeling of euphoria starts in the morning when the day is fresh. People wake up in the morning and it’s the first thing they say! Maybe adding a “yippee” or “whoopee” … there’s this good mood that just kind of leads one through the day with a lightness of heart, an expectation of something better when the responsibilities of the day are out of the way.

Even the food on Friday is more relaxed. For example, Friday evening suppers are usually a more carefree meal – pizza or hamburgers. And for many families it’s movie night or game night when Friday rolls around. For some it’s just kick off your shoes and do nothing and for others it’s party all night cause we can sleep in on Saturday.

The expression: TGIF has been around always! Thank God It’s Friday is the most common but did you know there are at least 35 other meanings. Yep, you can go to Acronym Finder and see them for yourself. Two of them I really liked – That Girl Is Fine and Today God is First.

Whatever it means to you it’s pretty much taken for granted that most of us are sure happy it’s Friday. Including me!

TGIF, everyone!

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