Friday, November 6, 2009

November = Thanksgiving!

Here we are at the beginning of one of my favorite months of the year … I LOVE November! From the cool, crisp air to the lovely colors on the trees, until the closing of the month with Thanksgiving and then the anticipation of Christmas … it is just a extraordinary month! My theme for this month will be “Giving Thanks”. It’s going to fun so, stay connected!!
Yes indeed, part of what makes November so exceptional is of course, Thanksgiving and I guess it just might be my best-loved holiday! I enjoy the planning, the cooking, the clean-up – all of it!
Some of my most treasured memories ever are from Thanksgiving Gatherings! The whole family takes part in the preparation and then the visiting is always wonderful. When I was a child my Mom was known for opening her door to those who were far away from family and needed a ‘home’ for the day. Throughout the years my sister and I have done the same.
The planning – to make any holiday a wonderful one you have to plan for it … planning reduces the stress that could happen around any holiday. We start really early in the month storing up what we’ll need for the meal. The anticipation is part of the joy!
Here are some excellent books on Thanksgiving and some marvelous ways to make this T-day the best ever!
23671: The Book of Thanksgiving: Stories, Poems, and Recipes For Sharing One of America"s Greatest Holidays The Book of Thanksgiving: Stories, Poems, and Recipes For Sharing One of America’s Greatest Holidays
619226: Hallelujah Holiday Recipes from God"s Garden: A Collection of 300 Recipes Hallelujah Holiday Recipes from God’s Garden: A Collection of 300 Recipes By Rhonda J. Malkmus & Friends
Holiday entertaining is a breeze when you treat your friends and family to the delicious holiday dishes created by Rhonda Malkmus and friends. In this sure to be classic book, Rhonda shares over 300 recipes – from Curried Butternut Squash Soup to Sweet Potato Casserole to Raw Apple Pie among other savory favorites. Even those not on the diet will enjoy this festive fare.Also includes “Helpful Kitchen Tips,” and a handy “Guide to Planning a Holiday Party,” and a section on creative gifts you can make. So start a new healthy holiday tradition for your family! Or inspire someone else to begin The Hallelujah Diet by giving this book as a gift!
Make sure to visit YOUR NINTH HOUR for fabulous products for the season! There’s nothing like decorating our Hearth and Home in cozy, wonderful ways!

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