Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Are You B,U.S.Y.?

Do the holidays create extra busyness in your life? If you’re like me, before you know it you add this to your already hectic day, and then this comes up and then before long your week looks like … well, not too good. I read this morning “Busy stands for ‘Buried Under Satan’s Yoke’.”  And so I started thinking.

Just who do I think I am? What do I think I’m doing anyway? Wow, I have been in the middle of what I have been claiming as ‘busyness’. I’ve been adjusting ‘to-dos’ and saying ‘ta-da’. I know in the past, like on those proverbial Holiday letters, I have even ‘bragged’ about our busy schedules. I’ve found myself almost flaunting all I have to do … what for? Do I think I deserve some sort of merit badge for getting all huffy and stuffy about sharing a minute here or giving you a moment there? Like, ‘Mmmm Hmmm, I am sacrificing my time here and don’t take it for granted!’

Now that I have had a few hours to ponder this admonishment I am happy it came when it did. I needed it today. It was necessary to – not relax in my efforts – but to take on a calm spirit of work and diligence. Sometimes we put all this stuff on our agenda, pretending to be some super-hero that has more hours in a day than God. I re-evaluated once again the to-dos in my world and know that the important stuff is getting done. I got to check off some pretty powerful accomplishments. And yep, I also, moved several items to tomorrow’s deadline and a couple even further … therefore, I felt less frantic and pushed.

Some synonyms of ‘busy’ are drudging, laboring, toiling, over-busy, tied up … and I think these not so fun words helped me realize being busy isn’t always the thing I want or need to be. Let me preferably be steady, diligently moving forward and redeeming the time but not be caught up in the yoke of drudgery and laborious tasks that weigh me down.

The holiday season can take its toll on us by our choosing to say ‘Yes’ to this and that in addition to our regularly full schedules. We need to reduce stress not add to it. We must claim our time. Make worthy, stabilizing choices and not just be busy for busy’s sake or for bragging rights! Sometimes you just got to take stock and say “No more!” “My schedule is complete.” “Opps, sorry, no thanks, this plate is full!”
Satan, get lost, this woman is claiming some freedom! Be gone ye yokes of busyness, be gone!

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