Monday, December 28, 2009

Marriage = Celebration!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, marriage is marvelous on a Monday. I love Mondays because to me they represent the new beginning of a ‘work-week’. We are not the norm here because actually, Mondays have usually been our family ‘day-off’ instead of Saturday. With Lowell being in the ministry, Saturday is generally a day of preparation. Also, because we’ve home-schooled you may just find us involved in some great family-time activity on a Monday. Not today though. Today was for Lowell and me … we went on a date in the middle of the day. We celebrated our marriage.
Wow! We have been married 31 years today. In some ways it seems like yesterday, or maybe last month … even last year that we were married and began this journey of life together. In other ways it seems like it has been forever but in a good way. I mean, like I want to say ‘I can’t remember life without Lowell’, but of course I can. Suffice it to say life has been at its best with him and because of him.
I love who we are but I daresay if you put us in a room with 10 other married couples we would be the least ‘normal’ of the bunch. (Maybe there is not a normal.) We do not and have never typified the ‘American dream’. From career choice, to aspirations, to possessions (or lack thereof) I realize we are just not in the same boat as many of our peers. And that’s okay. It takes all kinds to make up this glorious world and we’re just one of the mix. I love and delight in our unique story as it unfolds … but I must say I am always and forever wanting to turn the page already and see what’s going to happen next!
Marriage is a pretty awesome part of life and when it’s a good marriage, well, there’s just nothing else like it. Isn’t it the coolest thing to see older married couples and they just seem to ‘go together’ – like ‘two peas in a pod’? I started my morning reading a magazine Lowell had given me the other evening. In it is an article – “Magnificent Marriage – Stories of Marriage and Success”. It takes nine couples, married a total of 548 years, and shares with us, the readers, their courtship, the challenges they have faced together, and their words of encouragement. 69 years, 66 years, 64, 62, 61,61, 60, 55 and 50 … and I said ‘Wow’ for Lowell and me!!
I am so excited to think that maybe we are merely halfway there … that we may just have the privilege of another 31, or even 41 more years together! I pray we will because it just keeps getting better and better as the years go by. Of course, we have our struggles, our ups and downs, and our times when life is topsy-turvy – but hey, if the ride’s an adventure then that just comes with the territory. Any of the negative is far out-weighed by the brilliant sunshine that comes after each storm and sometimes valleys are pretty sweet.
If you stay steady and true to your course then this journey is what it’s supposed to be … just right.
December 28, 2009, 31 years!
December 28, 2009, 31 years!
Click here for the link to “Magnificent Marriage”. You’ll find the article on page 14, but the whole magazine is terrific if you need to have your faith reaffirmed in amazing families.

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