Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wives and Gifts

Okay, men, listen up!

Women, for the most part, need a present from you that tells her you listen, you love her, you think she’s beautiful as she is. A gift that expresses your appreciation for her ‘wearing all the hats’ she does.
She does not want a gift that will put you in to further debt and ultimately cause her purse strings to be pulled tighter. She does not need a DVD on weight loss, a facial massager kit that guarantees she’ll look younger, some cook-book that claims she’ll be the best cook ever, or some gadget to grill with. Choose your gift with thoughtfulness and take time to make it special!

Gifts that say you listen:
a music CD, a book by her favorite author, a romantic comedy or drama with some of her favorite actors

Gifts that say you love her:
a inspirational book of poetry that praises womanhood, a hand made coupon she can redeem for a date night of her choice! Or, even better, a romantic date night planned totally by you!

Gifts that say she’s beautiful:
a piece of clothing in her favorite color, a piece of jewelery (whose cost does not ‘break the bank’) that is made more lovely when she wears it.

Gifts that say you appreciate her:
a gift card for a trip to a spa, or to get her nails done, a coupon for a night a babysitting so she can go with her girlfriends.

I have been married for 31 years this year. My dear sweet husband has had his ups and downs in the gift department. Some presents are best forgotten … I ended up with hurt feelings but tried hard to mask them with appropriate responses.

Some of his best presents I still marvel at:

One year he got me complete series of books written by my then favorite author.

I have received kitchen ‘gadgets’ from hubby but they were uniquely for me and things I had been longing for and so were truly appreciated! A Capresso coffee maker with thermal pot! (I love to sip on a cup of coffee throughout the morning and with this it stays hot and no burnt taste!) And an Asian rice cooker … big size! We eat rice OFTEN and this is so easy! Ah! These were unexpected and the best!

It’s hard for me to pinpoint my favorite present but I tell you what, this next one will live on as one of the most romantic and has been enjoyed and acknowledged many times since.

If you’re like me, a lot of times you may have a favorite song of this music artist and a favorite of this other one. Well, in 2006, Lowell made me my own Country Music CD from 15 artists – honestly, this took a lot of work, it took consideration, it meant he had been listening to me for months! He used his ITunes account to buy and download the songs, created a CD cover and package cover and it was GREAT! It’s not all love songs, but the ones he did include are like from his heart to mine or mine to his. The other songs make statements that I loved. It was and still is, just totally cool. In fact, the CD is in my player right now. This gift lives on and the sentiment is the same today as it was December 25, 2006. It speaks to my forever-in-love-with-my-husband heart.

Whatever present you give to the woman in your life this year, let it be from your heart – expressing love and romance, appreciation and the fact that, to you, she is indeed beautiful! Let her know you are celebrating her as a woman. Do this and you will be her hero.

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Happy Holidays to You and Yours!

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