Saturday, January 16, 2010

For The Next Few Days …

For the next few days I will primarily be writing on our Honduras blog. But a little for here to whet your taste buds for the upcoming adventure …
Our move to Honduras will happen before we know it. It is scary and exciting all in one.   
We are making plans and fulfilling them!
  • Tickets … We are securing tickets but because of pets, it’s a bigger process than originally anticipated. Thanks Rosann, you are the best!
  • Funding … We’ve met once with the folks who will be handling our funds while we are ‘on the field’. Thanks to Michelle and others at the Wilkesboro church! See information below for contributing to the work.
  • Roadtrip … We finally, at long last got the hitch attached, the lights wired up. My #1 hero – Lowell with 2 other heroes close behind – Jed and Jake. We got the trailer in place and … loaded up! Whoohoo! Then began our roadtrip North and West… and it was a loooonnnngggg one. 2,673 miles logged through snow, ice, and frigid temp … through NC, VA, WVa, KY, IN (yay for Bob and Joan), IL (thanks to the Phillips), MO, OK (Thank You, Shleby), AR (family, love those grandbabygirls!), TN (family), VA and finally, 6 days later, back to NC (home, sweet home)!!! So, thanks for the prayers for safety!
  • Shipment … In IL we joined others who are loading a massive wonderful shipment to Honduras … medical supplies and hospital beds, supplies for young mothers – diapers and blankets, crafts for the kids, a little bit of furniture and odds and ends for our Santa Ana home, school supplies, canning supplies for the childrens’ home, new chainsaws that will help build houses, Lauren’s goodies for the girls at La Casa, the gifts in honor of Jerlene, Lowell’s Mom and so many more wonderful, donated gifts to be used in Jesus’ name and to God’s glory … so very fantastic! Thanks to Maria and ALL the Jacksonville, IL gang!! Here’s a great article about this wonderful venture … The Mission Goes Undeterred.
  • Packing … In the meantime … our home looks like a tornado blew through … but a happy tornado. Preparation for leave-taking to live on a mission field is an amazing adventure.
Stayed tuned.

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