Monday, February 8, 2010

For the Nexr Few Days - continued ...

I mentioned in an earlier writing that I will be concentrating on our new blog – Heart Notes From Honduras. Today I just wanted to do a wee bit of catch-up on here first. My husband, Lowell and I, along with our son, Jake, are moving to Honduras in 9 days. My time is filled with so many emotions but so is Lowell’s. I think we are doing a pretty good job at keeping each other balanced. I thank God for that. 
My usual theme for Mondays is ‘Marriage is Marvelous on a Monday’. Since a person’s relationship with their spouse is #1 after God then it needs to be dealt with or acknowledged as such on a pretty regular basis. 
The first and primary consideration in a marriage is: are you still best friends? Are you working on maintaining open communication so that you are on the ’same page’ in life? Do your dreams for the future coincide in a way that will be fulfilling for both of you? Are you loving your days together and working towards the same goals? 
The ‘why’ for this is so important. You have to stay tight in these ways so that when the storms come (as they surely will), when the way gets rocky and the footing on life’s path is unsure (which is a part of each life’s journey), when the circumstances you’re in the midst of are just crowding you in such a way as to be overwhelming and suffocating (inevitable) WELL THEN, you have to be there for one another – to be the anchor for the other, to lend a hand, to clear the way for one another. Usually one will do this now and the other will the next time … we balance, complement, and take care of each other IF we are walking side by side. 
This healthy co-existence takes time and work to be all that it’s supposed to be. It means respecting one another and acknowledging the gifts that are unique to him and her. It means you know and like each other. It means you can survive because you know you are not alone. 
Yes, with this move so imminent, emotions are running high. Unfortunately, one of the biggest reasons behind these negative feelings is once again a ‘worldly’ one. You see, there is still all this STUFF. All this stuff that I have already weeded through and decided months ago that it was worth keeping is now not so important after all. I know I already wrote Owned by Stuff and Owned by Stuff, Part 2 which should really help you realize that Stuff is hard to deal with. I am so tired of stuff and this is what I will address on the other blog – come join us at Heart Notes From Honduras where I will be discussing STUFF.  
This Road to Abundance is hopefully a wake up call. Realize that there is so much true wealth and beauty along the way. Let me remind you, Abundant Living is more than all your accumulations. All that amounts to is a pile of stuff that has to be dealt with either here in life … with you doing the dealing OR after you’re dead and gone and it is left for loved ones or even, God forbid, strangers to deal with.

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