Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hello Again - Welcome Back to "www"

Wenesdays Wonderful World ... usually I post pictures ... because that's kind of the norm for people who do WWW but today I am just rejoicing. 
I feel like I am returning to a lost long friend after a lengthy period of traveling to a far away place. I am going to be doing some catch up time in the midst of writing some new thoughts and ideas that have come to me directly because of living in a foreign country.
For those of you who may be new to this site – welcome! And for those of you who have been here before, I am so happy we are re-connecting! For a multitude of reasons I couldn’t write in forever, but now life seems to be cooperating and I am back to one of my loves … writing and sharing my thoughts.
I live in Santa Rosa de Cop├ín, Honduras, Central America, with my husband and teen-age son. We are here with a team of people working hard to grow the Lord’s church in all kinds of ways. Our particular area will concentrate in building good, strong marriages and also in teen purity and abstinence. It is an amazingly cool challenge and so greatly needed. I am sure topics will arise where I will looking for advice, good literature and encouragement so, keep those comments coming!
I have two other websites – in one I concentrate on the spiritual side of what makes me ‘Robin’ – it is reflections of the essence of my very self and soul as I travel this journey back to the Father – Reflections from Robin.
My other site is a resource site which I developed after many people asked me for book suggestions or reading lists based on my own years of reading all kinds of excellent self-help books. I am pretty avid about my favorites in any particular area but am always open to suggestions from you as well. This site – Your Ninth Hour -  is actually an interactive site where you can purchase whatever book on my site and part of the proceeds go directly to our mission and also, you can leave comments and suggestions of your own.
Keep up with our work here at Heart Notes from Honduras. This is where we write about activities and experiences of our local work here in S.R.d.C. Sometimes it is Lowell writing and other times, me, and it is always informative and, I think, exciting. That is what our work here is – exciting. Our goal is to make a difference … one life, one marriage at a time.
So, for now, thanks for stopping by and once again … welcome to Road to Abundance!

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