Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This Time of Year, Part 2

You didn’t know there was going to be a Part 2, did ya?!
Well, you see, I have to admit that this next Holiday Season is close in the running of my favorite times of the year.
I love the Christmas Holiday season!!
I love the sights … you know all the pretty decorations in and on houses, in parks, on city streets. The traditional Norman Rockwell scenes, or the way it’s all captured by Thomas Kincaid. The colors of this holiday season are classic – those deep greens, reds … and oodles more thrown in to enhance them. Christmas is a time of beauty!
The smells of this time of year are some of the best! The pine needles of the traditional tree, oranges, cinnamon and clove, and all the odors of baking and cooking those special delicacies and delights of this season.
Which brings me to the tastes … Christmas candy is the best! Fudges, ribbon candy and hard tack, orange slices, and spice drops! Cookies in wonderful shapes or filled with good things and decorated just so! Nuts to crack and dig into! The feasts of the day itself – every family probably has its own traditional yummies that smell and taste so special.
The sounds of the Christmas Holiday Season are some of the most majestic, peaceful, happy, stirring, jolly, and holy sounds of all mankind! Words of the songs of the season have us remembering, worshiping, and celebrating throughout the season.
Decorations, traditions, music and songs, parades, the fabulous foods and drives to look at holiday lights! The preparation. The anticipation. I love it!
Not that I am able to listen to Christmas music – we didn’t happen to bring any Christmas CDs with us; and not that I have a Christmas tree – I have seen a few artificial ones here and there but we don’t have one; and not that I have any decorations up in our home but there’s several stores with a good variety of them here.
But, I bet you are and do … are listening to this once a year traditional music, and do have your tree up or at least are planning to do so very soon! And I would be in the middle of all that if I could … maybe, tomorrow, I will change some of that. I think there’s some holiday music on the laptop that I downloaded last year. I saw poinsettias the other day for sale – I should get one for us to put on our table.
Which brings me to the other biggie of this Holiday Season … and that is, you’re probably Making A List, and checking it twice! It doesn’t matter who’s naughty or nice – family and friends are going to get presents! It truly doesn’t matter how big or small as long as it’s special!
I love taking my time, thinking about just what this one or that one may love or enjoy.
There will 23 of us at our family Christmas celebration this year … none of us have the money to buy for everyone so, we celebrate part of our gift giving with “Dirty Santa”. Kiddos get treated and remembered special along with the dearest of dear ones. Lots of families or office staff or just small groups do this and I think it’s way fun.
And then, also, there’s the list goes on … “secret sisters” get to do something special for their secret someone. Teachers in school and at church are recognized at this time. Caregivers for young and old are given gifts of appreciation. You may traditionally buy a gift for your best friend or you may want to start a tradition this year. Preachers and ministerial staff are often acknowledged during this season too.
It can get overwhelming!
Here’s an idea:
Shop from home, online … with the holiday music playing in the background, outfitted in your coziest comfies, with a cup of hot chocolate or friendship tea only a reach away.
Yep, this year, for a great portion of your shopping needs, whether it be decorating, or gift buying, remember us. Know that when you purchase from Your Ninth Hour you are not only buying quality but also a percentage of all your dollars spent goes directly into our work here in Santa Rosa – you can look at Heart Notes and see what that’s all about.
Now what could be better than that – buying and giving more than you bargained for!

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