Monday, January 24, 2011

Creative Juices

Way back over a year ago I gave my granddaughter, Emily, an apron that was made for me when I was a wee little lass. It is green with silver rick-rack and tiny. Was I ever that tiny? Anyways, we cook a lot together and I knew then that I wanted to make her a apron myself – a full apron, not just one that is covers the lap. I haven’t sewed anything in years although I used to make my own clothes and even made for the kids when they were little enough that styles didn’t matter. Could I even still remember how to thread a machine?
But I digress, I knew I wanted to make Emily an apron. Now that Madelyn helps me with cooking too, I wanted to make an apron for the both of the girls. It was going to be fun! So, while we were in the States my sister, Faye, and I went on an outing to Hancocks for supplies – for her, more necessities for her wonderful felting projects and me, just what I needed for 2 cute aprons. I got some darling fabric, matching rick-rack and some binding to use for trim and ties. Oh, these were going to precious. But before I even got to get started, our trip to Farmville, VA came up and I left everything in NC with the promise to myself I would get this project done before our return to Honduras.
Our trip to Farmville was for the express purpose of our Honduras presentation to the Piedmont church family. Also, a big part of this was Jake’s time with his life-long ‘Farmvegas’ friends. Both were accomplished and even more. Lowell and I were privileged to stay with the Trans – to know them is to love them! Within several hours of sharing conversation with George and Kathy my apron project dream came up – “Make them here!” Kathy exclaimed. “I left my materials in NC.” “No problem!” Before I knew it, we were up in their bonus room and Kathy had a big box of fabric out on the floor for us to peruse – and a smaller box of trims and ribbons. Wow, what a delight! – these are courtesy of Kathy’s Mom – a remarkable seamstress.
Kathy is an amazing seamstress in her own right, and had her sewing machine and tackle box of supplies ready for me to sit down. (What a special friend!) After careful consideration, I decided to make 4 aprons, one for each of my girlies plus, Abby, and Jobey. Wow, this was going to be fun! Later, after I went to bed, my creative juices were flowing. I knew just how I was going to design the aprons and it was all could do not to hop out of bed in the middle of the night to decide on material and trims. Morning couldn’t come soon enough.
I was able to get all 4 aprons cut out Saturday morning and one by one got them sewn up and was finished by Sunday afternoon. It was a terrific time – different ones of the family came and went as I worked merrily along and I still got in excellent visiting time – even supper at the Baileys!

As you can see, with the fabric I had purchased, I made ‘grown-up’ aprons for my ‘big’ girls – used ‘flour sacks’ to make them reversable as well. Now, this was fun!
It felt so good to create again. It’s been a long time. When’s the last time your ‘creative juices’ were flowing?

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