Friday, January 28, 2011

Today I am Celebrating … TGIF

Thank God I’m Female!
Today I am rejoicing in my femininity. I love that I was made in the Creator’s image as a ‘female version’ and all the radiant roles that entails.
  • I love being the heart of my home. I love to create that warm atmosphere, cook amazing meals, make sure all is in order and needs are being met.
  • I love that I get to be the wife of Lowell. I love his love, being spoiled, serving him and walking hand in hand with him, taking his lead over the rough spots and reveling in life’s beauty by his side.
  • I love that I am the Mom to our four fantastic kids. Bringing them into the world was amazing, and teaching, guiding, sharing the joys and uncovering the mysteries in every day has been and continues to be life at its best.
  • And now, I have the treat of being a Grandmother – how blessedly lovely!
  • I love that I got to be my Mother’s daughter. She was my best teacher, confidante and friend and I am so happy to be allowed the privilege of following her pattern.
  • And my sisters’ sister. The most incredible relationship – intense, intimate, sharing, cooperating in all of life’s adventures because you were born to each other.
  • I love that I am girlfriend. I love the amazing sisterhood of true friendship – being chosen to share the loyalty, love and comradeship that is unique to women.
Yep – today is TGIF and I celebrate I’m female.

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