Friday, February 18, 2011

Fridays Are Notorious for Fun!

Fridays are just like that – a relaxing day. The end of the work week, the start of the week-end, a day for delighting in Fun!
Many families I know have a tradition of a favorite fun meal on Friday evening – hotdogs, baked beans and chips, or fish and fries, or pizza night! Whatever, but is usually a more relaxed meal – a fun meal!
And then too, I know other families that reserve Friday nights to be the family movie-night or family game-night or it may be the night of the week the family goes out to dinner. Whatever the scenario, it seems that Fridays are just kind of special. They make you smile.
I love family traditions – they build up camaraderie, strength, unity, and a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself – family. And another thing I love is activities in our home. I love that friends and family feel welcome and will come over to hang out, learn, enjoy and just be with us. Your home is a what it should be if people feel good about being there and can have Fun!
The family tradition for our time in Santa Rosa has become the Small Group Night – which means we have people from church in for a devotional and fellowship – and neighbors are invited. We don’t know from one Friday to the next how many will show up and we’ve been on break for awhile but tonight is starts again. It’s a fun night. Study, discussion, singing, food and just hanging out with some cool people. I love it.
Hope your Friday is fabulous and fun!

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