Monday, February 7, 2011

One Week

We’re one week into this new month of February. Where does the time get to anyway? I reflect on what I’ve done over the last week and realize that any number of my goals were not met. Life changes on a dime. I had plans written out. Ideas to bring to fruition and instead I stayed busy with activities that took me by surprise and before I knew it, here I am at another Monday. Is ‘time’ my friend or my enemy?
Some of my tasks are easy enough –
  • drill 4 holes in our walls at just the right spot so I can finally put up some wall hangings,
  • get pictures on a disc and take to the photo store,
  • frame and hang those pictures,
  • get my schedule going on each of the blogs I am responsible for,
  • check my status at the publishing company I use,
  • write the rough draft of January newsletter, (definitely last week’s job)
  • re-connect with my affiliates and make sure all is as it should be,
  • de-clutter and re-organize hot spots in the house,
  • complete sewing the curtains for our bedroom,
  • start Art with Jake – detailed sketches – yay!,
  • finish up the extra room and get the bathroom painted as well,
  • set up beds, ect in aforementioned area,
  • get the weed-eater fixed so we can tackle the front yard – it’s a jungle out there.
“It’s a jungle out there” kind of is how my mind feels – beautiful growth, gorgeous flowers and shrubs but lacking in control. A growing and spreading, totally undisciplined, hodgepodge, busy, dizzy array of stuff reaching towards the sun.
Besides all this and more I have on my to-do list, there are all the usual daily chores, and I know that not only will we be having guests into the house at several planned times this week but as usual, the inevitable, unplanned surprise visits will happen too – that’s a part of life here. These random visitors are good for me though, it helps me maintain the downstairs in a “company-ready” status and reminds me that people – relationships – are the priority in life, not the items on an ever present to-do list. But, hey, things have got to get done and I will not be content with it all left ‘as is’ for days ongoing. What’s a girl to do? I know …
All this array of tangled, beautiful stuff in my head​? … I am going to reach towards the Son … and ask for guidance, discernment and I am confident this week, I will be making some checks on that list. Yep, Mondays are always marvelous and I can tell already, these next few days are going to be wonderful. Time, what a beautiful, sacred gift – my dear friend.
One week.

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