Friday, March 4, 2011

Celebrate Fun Foods

Fridays are a great time for families to eat Fun Foods!
Fortunately there’s many good eats from country to country so, there’s lots to choose from. One of the neat things about many fun or playful foods is that they are easy to prepare, are low cost and fun to eat – like usually with fingers! Also, you can make quite a few of whatever and feed a bunch.
Like Pigs n’ the Blanket, Egg Rolls, Chicken Nuggets, Shish K’bobs, and/or … Catrachas (the slang name for Hondurans) it’s a popular snack and one of our stand-bys – maybe because I love them! We have them pretty regularly for our Friday or Saturday evening small groups and vary the ’salsa’ from time to time.
Catrachas … they are simple to make, and delicious! This is how you do it …

Have fun with your own family on this Friday – create a tradition of celebrating delicious, wonderful food! If you have children you might let them pitch in to help with the preparation. Find a interesting or unique drink to make and develop the taste for adventures in eating. Check out my post in Your Ninth Hour for some excellent books on good eats around the world – and cooking them in your own home with your kiddos!

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