Friday, March 25, 2011

Hero - Someone Who Inspires

It seemed like yesterday we were just entering into March – one of my very favorite months! It’s hard to believe we’re already winding up another month of Fridays … but here we are, March 25 and time for my ‘tribute to heroes all around us’.
This March will always be special to me because smack dab in the middle of it I was given a special gift. No, it wasn’t just for me and yet, in one way it was. It involved 46 very beautiful women all gathered for the purpose of ‘renewal’. It was a gift from 12 women to the 34 of us who were selected, chosen to be a part.
You know anything good in life comes from planning and purposing in our hearts to make it so. Whether it’s a good marriage, a wonderful vacation, obedient children, a delicious meal … consideration, preparation and purposed design is often how real beauty in our lives comes about. But, okay, where does that come from? Where does it start? It is a spark of inspiration, a flicker of creativity that is fanned, prayed over and the vision or the dream gradually takes form and eventually – fruition is manifested in something like I was a part of – Come Before Winter – A Renewal for Women in Ministry.
It all started with one woman, Karen Alexander, years ago and with the help of so many other players in this story, these Renewals have happened all over the globe thereby, inspiring, renewing and refreshing 100’s of women throughout the last few years.
Remember, I am not saying Karen did any of this single-handedly but, that is how great things come about – one person with one seed of desire shares it with another and soon, the fertilizer of encouragement, the water of prayers and discussion, the sunshine of mutual excitement brings about the magnificent reality of something very beautiful.
It is precious and fulfilling to discover our purpose in life. Sometimes our purpose encompasses a multitude of roles that we fulfill daily but in the midst of all our roles is a ’shining something’ that has our name written all over it – unique and brought into life only because we dream it – we have the vision.
My prayer is that you, like Karen, develop your own dream. Find a friend who can share your vision and become your partner in transforming your ambition into a reality. Whether this dream of yours is nothing more than for your own personal satisfaction or is something that ends up affecting a multitude is of no importance – what is important is – ‘it’ was given to you and it’s your responsibility to do something with ‘it’. Make it real! Remember that ’seeds’, laying dormant too long, lose their power to grow.
Remember, too, you are someone’s hero – you are being watched and your actions copied. Your positive example may make all the difference in the lives of your spouse, your children,  your co-workers, your neighbors. You may be someone’s fertilizer, someone else may be your water and then all of us, conniving together in mutual admiration and belief, can spread the sunshine of hope for a magnificent future.
Yep, for this month of March my hero is Karen. Who took action with a seed of inspiration – a dream that had her name written all over it.
Thanks Karen, for listening to your heart. God bless you and the many ladies who make possible Come Before Winter.

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