Monday, March 7, 2011

Magnificence of March

I love words and one that is especially beautiful to me is magnificence, or magnificent. In fact, I love this word so much it is in the byline of my Reflections blog.
Here’s one definition …
mag·nif·i·cent/magˈnifəsənt/Adjective     1. Impressively beautiful, elaborate, or extravagant; striking. 2. Very good; excellent.
And so, the title … the Magnificence of March. It is the month the Lord chose to give a tremendous gift to the world … my Mom! She was born March 13, 1919. This coming Sunday she would have been 92 – wow! I believe she led a quiet but magnificent life.
  • she was impressive – in her gift of friendship, her hospitality and virtues,
  • she was beautiful – inside and out, strikingly pure and lovely,
  • she could elaborate on Christ’s goodness – or yours or mine – down to the tiniest detail,
  • she was extravagant in her love for others and gave it unselfishly,
  • she was very good – but never boasted,
  • and was a truly excellent person and loved by so many!
In this journey we call life I believe you can live as magnificently as you desire – it’s all in your perspective. We get up every single morning and face decisions or choices. We can let the little things become big in good or bad ways. We can cut the big things down to size and not be overwhelmed by situations out of our control. We can decide to take delight in the simple and sweet parts of every day life – from the gift of a flower to the smile from a child. Maybe its a kiss from your husband as he heads out the door, or a hug from a friend. I look out the window over my desk and see the hand of God in these gorgeous, white fluffy clouds set against prettiest blue. Pure magnificence!
It’s the little things that count. It’s the big that matter – all of it, the sum total of our everyday and each moment that it contains. At any point in your life you have the ability to give attention to the details – even a blade of grass or the so-called weed with the tiny flower it displays, listening to the voices of your loved ones and delighting in the fact they belong to you – each moment of concentrated pleasure becomes a magnificent reality. And just think, if you decide to make your life smack-dab full of these realities … then what a story it will tell!
And so, today, I woke up happy to be in the month of March. During this month I reflect on my Mom and her life. I remain so grateful she chose to live in magnificence – expressing the beauty of her Creator. I am thankful for her and honor the life she lived as I strive everyday to make up my mind to make choices that are truly magnificent!

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