Wednesday, March 9, 2011

wee bit Wednesday

t’s that time of the month to join in the “a wee bit of me”. So here goes for today:
{one} what color is your kitchen? gray – seems like it would be drab but it’s really quite nice (we rent btw)
{two} do you have a good luck charm? nope but, do have favorite things I like to keep close – for comfort not luck.
{three} do you prefer to write with a pen or pencil? pencil all the way! I love being able to erase mistakes and use fun pencils with cool colored erasers.
{four} can you use chopsticks? I always try but don’t have the patience.
{five} do you prefer baths or showers? I LOVE hot baths with all the goodies – bubbles, sometimes candles, sometimes reading a good book. but here have only showers.
{six} what is your favorite salad dressing? I love salad dressings and at a salad bar will use up to 3 different ones on my salad. mmm mmm
{seven} can you sing the alphabet backwards? no, never tried. why?
{eight} do you have any allergies? am very sensitive to MSG – I guess it’d be an allergy.
{nine} crunchy or creamy peanut butter? creamy! especially on a good piece of crisp celery.
{ten} have you ever hitch hiked? Yep, one time at night our car broke down and this horrible, scary looking guy picked us up – he was nice as all get out, even sent us a Christmas card.
ps. if you have questions that you’d like to see featured on wee bit wednesdays, email Leigh Ashley  here!

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