Friday, April 1, 2011


I love April.
It’s one of the most beautiful months in the year. Ushering in Spring like she does – full of sunny days, bright colorful, laughing days! Full-blown blossoms all around. It’s a month to make you smile and yes, even laugh right out loud just for the joy of it! Good-bye dreary days of winter – April has taken her by the hand and now …. Welcome Sunshine! Welcome Beauty – sheer, vibrant colors of trees, blooms galore! Fresh adornments for our world.  Birds singing their new songs. The feel of the warm breeze as she carreses your skin. The sun – giving her best and brightest after gentle showers. It’s a season that tickles your senses and makes you smile at the very least.
Here I am in Santa Rosa and there’s not a Spring here as I know it in the South – we have dusty, dusty streets everywhere, hot, sunny days, but the sweet reprieve of cooler evenings … and we have our ever-present flowers, glorious and true but no Spring. We do have the anticipation of “Easter” coming upon us and there are folks here and there bustling about in the anticipation and preparation of “Semana Santa” but no Spring to mention.
I come to you today admiting freely, I am a woman of Seasons … Summer, around the corner – my delight. Autumn, my favorite of favs! And how I love Winter in all her bluster and bravado! And sweet, enticing Spring … ah, even here and now, she lives in my heart – so many sweet memories that resonant true and bright in the halls times gone by. Moments that we gathered with others to celebrate the Resurrection Sunday … when the world remembers Jesus – his suffering, yes, and then absolutely, his rising! We’ve always had the fun tradition of baskets for the kids on that morning before church time. After a wonderful time of worship we move on to our home – or someone else’s and there’s that special meal – usually a ham and all the fixings. Some places we lived we’ve done Easter egg hunts with the kids right in the yards, other times in the communities. It’s always fun – a day to treasure.
Did you know …
April’s flower is the Daisy… and I really love daisies!!
The Love of my life was born in April so, of course I celebrate her dawning as I look forward to celebrating his life a few weeks into the month. And, I am so glad we had one of babies in this month – because it’s probably the sweetest month of all! It’s a month just made for babies being born … little ducklings, and chicks. New born calves and lambs. The re-birth of flowers of all kinds … just beauty all around.
Ah, April, sweet, pretty, happy, joyous, colorful, sassy and true … some places in the world … Spring is making her entrance and there’s no holding her back.

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