Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I am all about Celebration. Seriously. For example, one of our traditional gifts to newlyweds is 2 wine glasses, a bottle of carbonated juice, candles/candle holders and the admonition to: “Always remember to Celebrate!” Why? Because life is better when it’s jam packed full of times of celebration.
Not necessarily outrageous, kill the budget celebrations but quiet, joy-filled acknowledgements of the occasion. All kinds of occasions warrant a good celebration:
  • A good report card.
  • Paying off a credit card.
  • The anniversary of someone’s baptism into Christ.
  • The end of a school year!
  • The completion of a project.
  • The planting of a garden.
  • The arrival of Spring!
  • The arrival of Autumn!
  • The harvest.
  • The realization of a dream.
  • Birthdays!
Today we get to Celebrate a Birthday … and not just anyone’s … I guess it’s just about the most important birthday of my life – the birthday of Lowell. My hero, my best friend, the love of my life.
You know from other notes that my life is topsy-turvy on a good day. Well, just a little secret here … today is already NOT going to my plan … but I am going to trust God that it will go according to His plan and then rest assured that it will one of the best days Lowell’s ever had.
With friends and family, I’ll give it my best shot to have a day of Celebration for Lowell.

Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life!!
Happy Birthday to the Love of my Life!!

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