Monday, April 4, 2011

A Monday in April

    A new month – time passes – do you have a purpose, a plan, a goal to achieve?
Well, sometimes I think we can just overdo it on plans or projects. My life is so full right now of my ‘get ‘er done’ list that I actually could feel overwhelmed if I let myself delve into the ‘poor is me’ mentality at all. I had a good talk with one of my daughters today – and afterwards felt so much better. I realized that it was probably because she just let me talk. (don’t worry, I did take time to listen as well)
There are times when that’s all that’s needed – a good airing out of frustrations, anxieties, or maybe even just the sharing of dreams and visions. Getting it said. Out in the open. Not shot down. Not corrected. Just out there. Well, whatever happened in those wonderful minutes, I left our time on the phone feeling better for it. It’s going to be okay. I just have to go at this step by step. (sigh of peace)
Then tonight I am given a gift – of time. We thought we were on schedule to be a part of a meeting and then just found out the agenda has been changed. We get to stay home. Stay put. Be still. You don’t know how rare that is for us. It is a gift. And I am feeling blessed. Even Jake is thinking about staying home (instead of Monday night soccer) and maybe just reading a good book. Wow, I am feeling fine.
Yep, today I talked with one our ‘three big kids’ – tomorrow may be another. I am so very thankful for visits with my kids. I reckon that’s the hardest part of living in foreign country – the missing of this one and that one. But for now, I am blessed on this Monday in April.
Me and My Girls - Love 'em!
Me and My Girls - Love 'em!

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