Monday, April 18, 2011

Mondays in April and a Grateful Soul

I’m grateful for my grown children. They re-affirm me each and every time I ‘visit’ with them. These visits are the long-distance kind … with the oldest three at least. Our oldest with her family in Oklahoma, the second born with her ‘Count’ in Tennessee and the third born fighting fires, building trails, etc in Missouri. And not to forget our surprise gift who lives with us here in Honduras … he’s only 17 but for the most part ‘grown’.
Sometimes it takes me by surprise when I realize I am 55 years old and these kids of mine are the ages they are now – the oldest three being adults with lives of their own.
  • Do I miss the nucleus that was the “six of us”? Absolutely!
  • Do I miss the good-night routines of days gone by? Of course.
  • Do I miss the many road-trips and the singing & playing in the car that went with them? You better believe it.
  • Do I miss hauling all of us all over the globe, undertaking yet another adventure? Oh my, I do indeed!
  • I miss the talks around the table at meal time …
  • the laughter at private jokes
  • the studying together
  • playing board games
  • watching movies
  • working side by side
  • the tears of hearts broken
  • the cries of anger when hopes were crushed
  • the happy celebration of dreams fulfilled
  • the times with extended family – the grandparents, the uncles and aunts and cousins …
  • the times of making memories!
Oh, yes, I miss them. My kids – where did they go? The time flew by, sometimes like the gentle summer breeze by the ocean’s side and other times like a mighty wind from the storms we were in … taking us along barely able to catch our breath … all the way to today.
I’ve heard some people say they would never go back and re-live such and such time, or so and so year … but I would! Not that I would re-do any of it, make it better or different. I would just relish it, savor it, soak it in more … the good, the bad, the ugly along with the fabulous, fun, tremendous …Oh, I’d do it all again with these precious ones that were/are gifts to me and their Dad. Gifts, specially designed by the Father’s meticulous, creative hand. I never deserved them – still don’t – but treasure each one of them day by day.
Oh, Life! With all your ups and downs and crazy twists and unexpected turns where are you taking us next? What will you do with us? How will you use us? God willing, it will all be to His glory and we’ll continue to live in His steps.
Today, this sweet Monday in April, I sit amazed, filled with gratitude for these awesome children that I have the privilege of being Mom to. And I am so grateful it is now, this time in our history … and we have ability to stay in touch via phone, facebook, skype … yay!… with these ones who are a part of the very fiber my soul.
I am blessed.
part of who I am
part of who I am

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