Friday, April 15, 2011

TGIF - of a Different Sort

Another week, another Friday where I explore “TGIF” – for me this week it surely means Thank God It’s Fun – because that’s what this week was.

There are some things in life we just have to do. We are required to do and there’s no two ways about it. One of these for the White family rolled around this week. You see, we don’t have residency yet here in Honduras and therefore we have a ‘have-to’. We have to make a necessary trip out of the country. It comes up every 3 – or at the most 4 – months. It’s an ‘exit time’ of 48 hours and after that we get a stamp of renewal in our Passports. This could’ve been a drudgery. This could’ve been a burden. This could’ve been a time of headache and worry and just plain ol’ blah … but hey, it wasn’t.

We went to El Salvador.


Yep, no matter where you live, no matter what line of work you’re in there’s going to be those times of ‘getting ‘er done’  – the things we have to do in life – requirements, you know? and sometimes they can be burdensome or just put a grin on … and it’s FUN! Our Exit-Times are the stuff great memories are made of. It’s because we decide – it’s gonna be good. You can read a little more about this at my ‘Reflection’ site – I believe our week was not only fun but a downright blessing – of the ’serendipity’ sort!

Yep, Thank God It’s Fun!

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