Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Deed is Done

What: I have been mulling over a few changes that I wanted to make in the near future. I need to simplify in order to be more productive. I have been considering combining my blogs, which to the casual blog reader may not seem like a big thing but it actually will involve combining several years of notes. Can I even do this? I’m not sure but I think there is a way to import… I guess it will be another time of learning for me. Maybe Reflections will just become a book. Hmmm…

Why: My reasons for having separate blogs seemed at the time important and I really thought I’d be able to reach a all-encompassing audience with having the 2 sites – I started Reflections when I was sitting at the bedside of dear, sweet Jonell and it was my heart talking – then I got into internet marketing and I felt compelled to develop a less-religious oriented blog … I had hoped to draw a more diverse audience and offer something that they may be looking for. I think I have come to the conclusion that I just have to be me in both the styles of and topics of my notes – I find that the 2 blogs are becoming entwined – my every day more random self is a very religious self.

When: Well, I had actually thought of coming to this decision with a little advice from a few readers here and there and then decided I needed and wanted to just ‘do it’. So, it happened today. Whew, the deed is done … almost … I have to post this note and make it official.

How: Road to Abundance is now Robin’s Road – a combination of Abundance and Reflections. And I changed my theme to be more a reflection of me – a nature-loving, ’stop along the way and smell the flowers’ kind of woman.

Where: We’ll sure enough be heading towards abundance … and along ‘my road’ you’re going to be more apt to find me wandering along on side staying awhile here, visiting there, wiggling my toes in the grass, maybe even watching a few butterflies … you know, we’ll probably be forced to travel through some dark and gloomy spots as well – that’s how life is afterall but always and forever I will be traveling on to and along side of abundance.

Who: I’m still Robin – no matter what the name of the site – I am just glad you stopped by and hope you’ll come again and again. My tag line in Reflections has been – life is a series of choices, choose the magnificent! And that my friends, is what life is all about.

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