Friday, May 20, 2011

A Friday in May

Friday the 20th … Celebrate!

I am celebrating the birth of our first-born! It was 30 years ago today that our lives were changed forever. We became less selfish, more motivated, gained a deeper understanding of what unconditional love meant, and realized we’d better grow up and fast!

I don’t rejoice in any one of our children over the other but with each one, our life changed in sometimes big, sometimes sublte ways. With Janna Lynn a new and different kind of love was born. The love of a Mother for her daughter – nothing else in life compares to it. Before this I didn’t know a heart could hold so much love.

The years have streamed by in such a blur of colorful emotions – amazing adventures, terrible tales, happy moments to cherish forever. I am so happy we have boxes of pictures and videos to commemorate precious times … someday I really do need to make each of the kids their own book! But in the meantime, I just observe with joy that Janna came into our lives, made such an amazing difference and that she grew up into the wonderful woman she is today.

I love you, Janna Lynn, and am happy God chose you to be our “first-born” 30 years ago today.

Our Beautiful Janna! Happy Birthday!
Our Beautiful Janna! Happy Birthday!

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