Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday - but it's a Friday Post

Friday the 13th … Oh No!
Or, for me, one could just as easily say – So What?
This is the first time I’ve been able to sit down and write this month … already 13 days into it? No way! The days have been occupied with some really good happenings here in Santa Rosa. My emotions continue to be on a roller coaster of ups and downs. Why? Because, I know that although my life here is going on in a pretty normal haphazard way, life in my dear beloved South (USA) has been through and is still going through massive devastation. My heart hurts for so many that have lost and are in the process of losing their homes, farms, their businesses. But I rejoice in the out-pouring of love I see in this city and that town … so many are standing up to help and give in what ever way they can. So sad but happy, too. We continue to pray.
And here we have today – I’ll have you know, I had plans for today – the first day in weeks I was actually going to be at home in my own house with no reason to go out for anything! What a gift! And then, as I sit in my reading time in my chair downstairs I hear the upstairs computer make the horrendous sound that indicates the electricity is off. This is early – not even 7:30 and that means it is probably off for the day. So what that it’s Friday the 13th? I have a good amount of battery power on this laptop and it’s a lovely day in May! I love today!
In my seasons of seasons, springtime is just about my favorite! And May … I love May! Did you know…
May’s flower is the Lily-of-the-Valley.
I have always loved Lily-of-the-Valley as a flower. It reminds me of my childhood and I can still hear my parents and the congregation singing the old hymn – He’s the Lily-of-the-Valley! It continues to be one of my favorites.
This is the month our first-born, Janna came into our lives. The 20th of this month she will turn 30 years old and in some ways it seems like only yesterday we brought her into our home and hearts forever. I don’t feel like 30 years has gone by since God gave me this precious gift … with Janna, Lowell and I learned so much about ourselves … but the biggest thing was how great and vast is the love a parent has for their child. For the first time I came close to understanding the momentous sacrifice of the Father’s gift of his only begotten Son.
Well, I may be able to sit here in my own house but it didn’t ever mean it would be a ‘lazy’ day – I have company coming over at 1:00 for the afternoon and then although Lowell is out of town, our small group meets here tonight so, I have to prepare for 12 – 15 folks to enter and be refreshed, Lord willing, spiritually, mentally and physically. I love our Friday night small group!
So, just for the record, I may not have the gift of electricity in my home, but I am here and it is a good day … yep, I am loving Friday the 13th. Hope yours is outstanding as well.
Maybe the power will come on at some point today I can get this posted. If not, tomorrow is another day…
Well, make that MONDAY!! (the week-end was not what I expected, but very good indeed)

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