Friday, September 25, 2009


Destinations in Life …
Planned and unplanned destinations are a part of everyday life.
Tuesday we left home with a destination in mind – Black Mountain – to get together with Marc and Terri about Honduras. This meeting was to talk about our dream of being a part of the work in Santa Ana and a time to vent about our disappointment of not being there yet. We talked, laughed, prayed, rejoiced, anguished and anticipated over so many situations. It was wonderful. It was just the time we needed for our own hearts to be reaffirmed.
We enjoyed great fellowship of kindred hearts and just had fun on Wednesday, tooling around the mountains and loving the beautiful vistas of this area of NC. Range after range of the Blue Ridge – really awesome. Mid-afternoon saw Terri and Marc heading on to another church to share the ministry of Honduras. It saw us hanging out for another night – to have some good quality time. It was good – we love relaxing together with no distractions except of our making. Then Thursday took the form of unplanned destinations – we decided on taking the Parkway home and stopped at numerous ‘look-outs’, Little Switzerland, and Linville Falls. It ended up being a time that restored our spirits, we re-connected with each other and God and it solidified our determination to focus on our move … and to just keep the faith.
As usual, during these three days I learned some lessons. I learned that God is still teaching me about patience and His timing. I remembered that His way is more mighty than mine. I learned a beautiful lesson of how obstacles can become stepping stones; that the rough way has already been gone through many times by others who took time to make it easier for me. I learned that an uphill climb can be exhausting and exhilarating in the effort but it makes the destination all the more worth it. It registered in my heart to stop trying to figure out the why (or why not) and appreciate the way … thereby seeing beauty in every situation.
So, yes, we are anticipating a move to join the work in Honduras. We came by the decision with great difficulty and realize although it isn’t developing as smoothly as our past mission efforts have, it is still a vital desire of ours. I am glad the Lord led us to Linville Falls – we saw His mighty hand demonstrated through this amazing feat of nature.
And also, I am so thankful for life’s everyday abundance — the ability of Planning our Destinations but also, for the random spontaneity of Unplanned Destinations put together using His agenda!
Here’s a little of the beauty we enjoyed and where I learned some lessons.

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