Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday's Wonderful World

I have decided to love today. 
My choice, my decsion.  
I don't know about you, but when am handed a deadline, I do one of two things - go into panic mode and end up scrambling without progress, or I get my act together. When my act is together is basically when my 'role' is defined and when I have this as a foundation well, life becomes pretty wonderful. I let the beauty of the day carry me through rather than the anxiety that could reign. 
Yep, right about now my plate is pretty full. (I wonder where that expression came from? - my Mom always told be 'my eyes were bigger than my tummy'.) But, it all looks so good - I want a little of this, but that too! I know in my heart of hearts, that all this stuff I've accumulated on my plate won't all be finished but at the end of this day I will say: "Ta-Da"!

In the midst of all this busyness, I decided ahead of time to take an afternoon break of wonderfulness with this little one - and bring some smiles and sunshine into both of our lives - I love Ana!! (of course, Dayana will probably show up, too, so I guess that will be a case of  'the more the merrier!') 
Today, I reckon God's world is mighty wonderful.


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  1. Hi, Thanks for your sweet visit. Your kind words are so appreciated. I am following you back. This was an inspirational message that we always can reheard.
    I am going back now to browse your post. Have a wonderful weeekend.
    Ginger :)