Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I love traveling - I don't mind the preparation at all. I love the packing and sorting and mapping out the trip. I usually make lists of what's to go/to buy/to do and then love checking off what's accomplished. I love rest stops on the interstate, and lobbies at airports and train stations and bus stations. I love watching people as they greet loved ones, and feel for them as they say their good-byes. I guess almost every trip is like 'life' in miniature.
Today we're traveling again - leaving family and friends in NC and headed back to TN ... then on to OK on Thursday - to see the rest of our kids and the grands!
When one lives overseas, the trips Stateside are always filled with so much to get done, and although I have accomplished so very much there's things I didn't and won't get to. A girlfriend reminded me yesterday that there's always things left undone. I guess that's right. Realizing that I guess it's important to remember to do the most important stuff every day - just get them out the way, up front, so there's no regrets ... important things like "I love you"s said to family, hugs given, laughter shared, forgiveness given. Oh, and I love when I remember to do my  "ta-da" lists at the end of the day ... always a good feeling seeing what's has been done!
 Glad you stopped by, hope your summer days are lovely and filled with all the best of life. 

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