Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You Matter - In All Ways

Sometimes we don't believe anything we do really makes a difference - but, all we need to do is be reminded.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Finally ...

I am finally back on the internet. My weeks in the States didn't lend itself to time with my blogs, or with facebook, or with email and man oh man, I have a lot of what could be 'catching up' to do. I decided, though, to re-think the catching up part and am just going to address a few things here and there. Basically, I am just going to reach into the past on one blog - Grandma's Briefs - and say hello to those that commented on my 'grilling' that day (a tribute to being a Grandma! - love it!) and then just start over on here. 
I've been on a emotional roller coaster, plus, came home to Santa Rosa finding Hubby on the brink of a bronchial flu (which he shared with me), I taught ESL classes for 5 days and have tried in vain to 'move' back in. There's loads that needs my attention but, now that I am feeling better, I love it. 
My weeks in the States were filled with excellent family moments that are being treasured in my heart. 
In Tennessee first - I spent wonderful days with Jessi! 
first picture of trip - the camera works!
Jessi Jo
on to NC ... me and Faye, I love 'sister-time'
Abby and me - we match!
Jake and Jobey  

It was so good to be with family. And all to soon the NC days drew to a close and it was time to head to Oklahoma! 
Em and me fixin' up a favorite meal for uncle Jared
(he came in from MO!)
Maddie's 2 and I was there!

love me some Janna-time!      
our two handsome sons!

Jake and Jess at the airport the morning we left
From beginning to end - with all the days in between - it was a blessed time with family and friends. 
... but you know what is really pretty cool? No matter how great and precious my moments were ... I got to come home to this guy and the realization once again, that God is very good. 
Lowell and I on our balcony in Santa Rosa.