Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Love Flowers - One of God's Best Gifts!

I got kind waylaid on mentioning flowers month by month - here are the last 3 and by me missing the posting of these sort of indicates me and my blogging for the last 3 months. Uh, let's just say I've been a little distracted. Don't rightly know if I'm 'on course' as of yet, but am willing to give it a try again. 

June's flower is the Rose. Both of my sister's birthdays are in June and I love roses - well, hubby loves them more than me. We popped into a little greenhouse the other day and it was full of various brilliant shades of roses - kind of like this picture. And the fragrance was wonderful!

July's flower is the Water Lily. The only place I've ever seen water lilies is at places like botanical gardens or zoos. There's some gorgeous ones at Huntingdon Gardens in SC.

August's flower is the Gladiolus. This is my month and I am glad they are 'my' flower. Besides them being absolutely beautiful to look at ... well, their name is Happy!!
One of my very favorite childrens' books is A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson. Even though I love the poetry, Tasha Tudor is amazing as an illustrator!
A Child's Garden of Verses


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