Friday, October 28, 2011

Just When I Think ...

Just when I think I'm going to have a good regular week of posting and get into the swing of linky parties and blog hops, L-I-F-E happens. Most of you know we live in Honduras as missionaries. You can read more about that here.
Our House

Typical road near our home.

Santa Rosa - in the western highlands of Honduras
And you may be thinking that this blog would be about life as we live it in Santa Rosa de Copan and although I do bring up a lot and include various parts of our life here ... we write specifically about that over there. What I do at this place is share life as I see it as a wife, mom, Grammy, a crafter, an artist, a homemaker, a writer - always trying to reflect on Abundance. You see I believe we're all rich in lots of ways and we can all be about as happy as we make up our minds to be. Which brings me to 'blogging':
I'm a busy woman however, when I have a few moments I love to explore 'family friendly' blogs. I love cooking and entertaining and so I love blogs that share recipes and decorating. I try to stretch our money and live frugally and simply so I visit those places. I adore arts and crafts and so have some favorite sites that are full of lovelies! I am a Grammy and I so enjoy my grandma friends! I am a Christian and am passionate about my Lord, my marriage and family so, I have some sites I 'fellowship' with and learn from. I love photography - not that I'm that great but I have 2 kids that are amazing and thus, I have some spots that I visit every so often to just gaze and enjoy. Oh and yes, I enjoy a good read and so, I indulge in a few blogs that review good books/authors. And someday when hubby and I return Stateside, among other things, I hope we are able to live our old dreams of mini-homesteading and so man oh man, I am loving some 'homestead' blogs.
Wow - I am so wide-spread  - it's no wonder I can't focus on one group of you lovely people!!
Some people out there in the world don't 'get' blogging at all and think we're kind of strange to be spending time talking about 'ourselves' and reading about other people's lives but you know what? I think it is pretty dadgum amazing to have so many friends, topics and wonderfulness at one's fingertips. There is a lot of wisdom, advice, friendship and information being shared.  I really like the blogging community that I am connected to - and just like movies, or books - you can pick and choose, y'know, and I think I choose wisely. The world is so big and marvelous and so full of information to gather and learn from.
So I say kudos to my fellow bloggers - you are pretty amazing!

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  1. I'm so glad you found me - and now I've found you. I look forward into reading more of your posts.