Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nothing Good Comes Easy

In my wanderings around the internet I came across a blog name that really struck home. “Nothing good comes easy”. I don't know what the blog is about, never been there to visit – just saw the name and was moved to share this …

I mentioned in an earlier note about our son going into his senior year – the dreading/anticipation of an empty nest. Some parents can't wait until this stage of life but not me! I love being 'a day to day-share your life-talk about things-do things together with your kids' Mom! I felt like this with our '3 big kids' too. I hated when they left home. I feel like this but then again, I am as pleased as punch, proud as can be that our eaglets had the wings to fly and are doing just fine out there on the winds of time. After all , our kids are just gifts from God for a little while. Now, back to our last one …

We've being doing a lot of conversing in our home and as we walk along the roads of Santa Rosa de Copán. We've been talking about L-I-F-E. It's where we are right now, you know, what with Jake just turning 18 and decisions needing to made on which path he'll take after this school year. Thankfully, Jake loves a good discussion and feels good about talking with his Dad and me. Well, over and over again this theme comes up – no, maybe not in the exact words - but that life and how good you live it comes down to choices, and for the most part, living a good life doesn't come easy. Living a good life comes with hard work and dedication. It comes with making wise and well-thought decisions. It comes with seeking advice of those who've gone before you. It comes from purposed experiences that challenge you to do and be your best. It comes from reading, study, and praying hard to be guided in the right ways. It is a result of discipline.

Some of Jake's dreams and possible paths for the future are not what I ever imagined he'd choose - not that I am surprised – he's been a 'world-traveler' since he was 3 years old. He's a quiet, bold adventurer that is seeking to be a man of God. But, I know it won't come easy. Good things are a result of hard work and he's not afraid of that. So, I do what a Mom is called to do and encourage, give advice and I believe in him – with all my heart. And too, I accept the peace that God provides … knowing that Jake belongs to Him first and foremost.

Man, is life and my emotions ever going to be humdrum and still for a change?  I guess not. 
I hope not. 
It's all good.
Being a Mom ... it's the best!



  1. Being a mom is the best! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. When I started blogging, I kept going back and forth on a name to call it. "Nothing Good Comes Easy" has always been a saying my husband and I have had close to our hearts. So I just knew that HAD to be the name. Best of luck to Jake on whatever path he chooses to take. I'm looking forward to reading more about it in the future :)

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  3. Motherhood is the best...I was a SAHM to five; and since they were close in age they all left home one after the two years 4 of them got married...I still have my youngest (29) at home and yes, I felt the empty nest syndrome...but alas, babies started coming and I am now anxiously awaiting house is never quiet nor is it neat....I love it!

  4. Agnes, I agree! Motherhood is the best and 2nd to it is this wonderful 'grandmother-hood'! I only have 2 so far but will welcome how ever many come... I'd feel right at home at your home! and am eagerly awaiting news of the new arrival!