Monday, November 7, 2011

Homemade Aprons!

A while back I decided to make an apron for each 
of my grand-daughters and my own girls. 
Why? Well...
I live far away from our kiddos and 
when we do get together we're usually cooking and or baking 
but you know what?
... aprons were missing! 
Finally, I was inspired to just get it done ...
I usually get my best ideas in the early morning hours 
before I get up and 
this time was no exception. 
I knew just how I was going to design the aprons and 
it was all could do not to hop out of bed 
to decide on material and trims.  
I got them done and put them in the mail as soon as I could! 
Here's what they looked like:
I made each with adjustable necklines
and a nice big pocket on the front
and embroidered their names
just so...
and I made them reverse-able with hems that could be let down so they could grow with the girls
the ones for my daughters were reverse-able too
print on one side and 'flour sack' on the other
 The aprons are being put to good use!
 Don't you love my 'dolls'?
and -I'm thinking this Grammy needs a new apron too - 
I'd better get at it! 
Oh, btw, today I am Polishing some Stars

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  1. These are fantastic aprons! For some reasons, I never had one or wore one either.

  2. These are so SWEET! A favorite childhood ritual of mine was having Granny tie an apron around my waist before baking or doing dishes. I blogged about it. Your grandchildren will LOVE these and the memories they anchor. I'd be honored if you wanted to share these at my Abundance Thanks linky party (we both reference abundance!). And thank you for the sweet comment on my funny thanksgiving card post!

  3. Sweet, little aprons that I'm sure will be well used and loved. The embroidered names add a nice touch.

  4. Couldn't email back to say.... Thanks for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments. Your watercolours are gorgeous!

  5. Robin,
    What a wonderfully thoughtful gift! I love that you made them so they can grow with the girls!
    One of my favorite pictures ever, is my gran and me cooking with our aprons on (she made them)! I now have all her aprons and hanky's(another thing that has gone by the wayside of life) and I treasure the memories they bring.

  6. Those aprons are so cute! I keep meaning to make one for myself but never seem to think about it until I am cooking and have just ruined yet another shirt. :) Thanks so much for stopping by Polish The Stars! I didn't see your link in the party though. If the linky isn't working for some reason, just let me know and I can try to fix it. I am following along now too. I love getting to know newer bloggers. :)