Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Simply Beautiful

My Mom had a green thumb - she could plant a weed and it would blossom. I did not inherit her ability. However, fortunately, 
I have a hubby that loves to dig in the earth and 
takes joy in growing wonderful things.
He planted these flowers in the yard months ago.

I have given out oodles of bouquets using these lovelies and adorned our home as well.

I finally cut the last of their blooms off this week - 
and we pulled the plants up. :(  

We had saved seeds and dried them so ...

he planted more here.

flowers from the yard + one jelly jar = simply beautiful

Cheap investment but months of enjoyment -
pretty cool gift from God.
I love that with next to nothing you can 
add something pretty to your home.

Yep, I am really missing enjoying my favorite season - Autumn! - but living in a year-round temperate zone does have its perks. 
Loving my flowers all the time!


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  1. How very sweet. My Mom has a green thumb and I on the other hand did not inherit it. Those are lovely flowers. Thanks for your sweet visit. FYI every Monday I host a newbie party and would love to have you over sometime.