Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tis The Season!

... to make, bake and create. Don'tcha just love it?!
Well, I do too! However, like many of you, it's not like I have a whole lot of time to do these extra activities but what one does is make time. (that's part of creating!) One of the things I plan to do is incorporate a couple social activities into my crafting by having some little friends into the home to help me out! My absolute 'druthers' would be doing all this with my own little grand-daughters but 2nd best is loving on my little ones here in Santa Rosa.
First of all, to start blogging about this time period ... I will say that I made something for our precious ones a couple weeks ago. This is the 'off' year for our being with family for Christmas so, I had to get something together for the mail and send it with someone who was flying home for Thanksgiving. After some thoughtful deliberation I decided on felt finger puppets … why? Well, because one of our favorite past-times is singing with or reading books to the girls... and whether I'm there or not they can use their puppets with Mommy or Daddy! Also, it's not like I have a Michaels or Ben Franklin in the area ... I have to use what I have on hand or improvise with what's available.
I looked around on the web and found some really good videos on finger puppets. I kind of gathered information in my head and combined it all to do it 'my way'.
So, this is what I used:
Of course, various colors of felt!

A good craft glue, straight pins, scissors (I like my embroidery scissors to use for smaller areas) and a little ruler.

Card-stock and tracing paper for patterns.
Pen, pencil, and fine-point sharpie.
 And this is what I did:
I used the card-stock and made a 'general' pattern to trace for each separate puppet and then I individualized each one according to character - for some using both the card-stock pattern and tracing paper. For example, some parts of each puppet were smaller so, I worked with via tracing paper and pinned it to the felt before cutting. For others I just used a black pen and traced the pattern – either way the shapes were about 3 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide. If there was a 'neck' I'd stick a finger up in the puppet to make sure I didn't get it too narrow, then I'd shape it up. 
Tigger has 5 little pattern pieces.

After using I pinned them together to save for another time.

I failed to mention for some puppets I used googly eyes, and I reinforced with embroidery stitches at the bottom.

Sometimes I layered the felt (Eyeore's mane, Tigger's stripes), other times used the black marker ...
Turned out pretty cute, right?
I even added a felt button to hold on the tail!
Well, I'm sure this wasn't anything new but it was loads of fun. I made several sets of story/songs characters and here is the Winnie-the-Pooh set with just these 4. I know there is a new bluish colored Eyeore but I like the old gray guy the best! 
The better option, and what I'll do in the future, is probably stitch all the sides with a sweet little blanket stitch using embroidery thread but to save time, I glued this time around.
So, here you have it DIY finger-puppet Christmas presents for the grand-kids. I think they'll like them, don't you? 
I'll share the other sets another day ... hint: monkeys, sea creatures and even a spider!
Tis the Season for crafting and today I am hopping over to: 


  1. Sucha cute idea, I loved finger puppets when I was a kid!

    Beth @ http://alyssabeth1.blogspot.com/

  2. Super cool!!! A toy that is timeless. The kids will love them. Would love to see the rest of the puppets you have made.