Friday, December 9, 2011

Excellent Eating!

I love to eat - pure and simple, no doubt about it. I love good food. There is no way anyone can make it through these 2 months of the year and not enjoy some excellent eating. To my dismay, many of these wonderful good eats seem to only make their appearance at this time of year. I'm guilty as the next ... even though my family loves some of these special, traditional treats a whole lot... I only make them now! (sorry, but if we over-indulged they'd kind of lose their 'specialness', wouldn't they)
Well, here in Honduras it is basically the same. Traditional treats are making their annual appearance. One of the many we'll be enjoying was brought to our door this morning by a neighbor boy, William. (I should have gotten his picture - which I will do the next time he comes a selling!)
Ticucos ... sometimes made with beans, or chicken, or hard-boiled eggs. Ours were steaming when he brought them so, we sat right down and enjoyed! Jake at two and I ate one.
Here they are:
I bought 6 for 18 lemperas (6/$1)

kinda like miniature tamales

usually eaten with fresh cream and we add hot sauce
Hope you enjoy some excellent eating over your holidays! Do you have some favorite international treats your family enjoys?
This little note is for Miss Jenny's Alphabet-T party!


  1. That looks like an unusual dish. I am guessing they were good and didn't last very long. :)~Ames

  2. I have not heard of these before. We love Tamales here in our house and my sister makes them for her family.

  3. This really looks delicious to me! I have never heard of these tasty morsels!!

  4. Hello.
    I've also never heard of these, but I love food & would devour those in a heartbeat. We need to have some virtual
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Eleven Roses And You

  5. How interesting! They look delicious too! Like the others, I've never heard of these but if I ever come across them, I'll be sure to give them a try :)

  6. That's exactly what I thought at was some kind of strange tamale. I bet they're good!

  7. Hello.
    Just stopping by again to thank you for following my blog. I always try to return the kindness & have become your newest follower too. I hope you'll come visit me again soon!

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  8. Superb ‘E’ post – so delicious-looking!

    Stopping by from Alphabe-Thursday and looking forward to *seeing* you soon,

    Here’s mine