Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun and Beautiful JamaicaTea

...or, our new Christmas tea! Well, it's not just a Christmas tea but, with this gorgeous red color, I think I've found another great beverage for our holiday season.
For as long as I can remember one of our holiday drinks has been a cranberry juice/ginger ale punch - pure yummy-ness, lovely  and a family favorite, too! But this year, in Honduras, I'm thinking one of our typical, local teas will be just fine. The color is rich and it's tasty too!
By no means is this solely a Honduran tea - it is a popular drink in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Europe. Our family was first introduced to Jamaica, or Hibiscus tea, when we lived in Africa. Our friend, Chi, served it to us when we visited her at Susana Home outside Aba, Nigeria, West Africa. (you can read about Chi here - she is one of my life-time heroes!) In fact, she gave me a bag full of the flowers they had cut and dried so I could take them home with me. So refreshing! The next time I was served this tea on a foreign soil was right here in Honduras at the home of my dear friend and fellow missionary, Donna. (I love how certain foods or drinks can bring someone or someplace to mind and you're able to re-live those precious memories. This tea is one of 'those' for me!)
For all of you Stateside, don't worry, you can find Hibiscus or Jamaica dried flowers at any international food store or in many of your regular grocery stores.
Here's the way I make it:
dried jamaica flowers ...
some packages have instructions
you'll need about a cup of sugar
and I use not quite a full cup of the flowers
the pitchers here are great - they come with their own strainers - easy to make 'agua frescas'
don't you love my old pan? it was my Grandma's!
cover the flowers with water, bring to boil and simmer about 5 minutes
pour hot tea over sugar and add 1/2 gallon of water, stir until sugar is dissolved...
easy as can be, right? and delicious too!!
 So, if you've never tried Jamaica Tea, go for it, tis the season for lovely holiday drinks and this one is a keeper! I love fun-foods - and drinks!
*A variation of this tea is to add the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon!


  1. OMG, that looks so good and served in a favorite way to drink tea! haha I will be on the lookout for dried jamaica flowers when we do our Christmas travelling(I would never find it in our tiny town). Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe and remembering that I wanted to know more about it!

  2. Oh! Is that Roselle Flower? I just happened to harvest some from my little garden! What a coincidence! Always glad to know that we share some delight even though staying at different part of the world! Love - PC

  3. Looks yummy! Are you allowed to bring it over the boarder next time you come? I would LOVE one of those pitchers ;) Miss you!

  4. Sounds really good. I just learned how to make peach tea with bits of peach in it. So yummy!~Ames