Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis the Season of J-O-Y!

I love words ... and "Joy" has always been one of my favorites. It's a word that indicates deep happiness and heartfelt gladness. It's so small but so profound when it's truly felt and lived within a person. I'm thankful it just happens to be one of the words of this season. The other day I was at one of our little craft/fabric stores and the customer in front of me was buying a slew of letters for a graduation ... and I thought to myself ... "I can do something with J-O-Y" so I bought these 3 little letters and came home. 
This is what came about:
there was an old board sitting against the wall on our front porch (where did that come from?)
I turned it to its roughest side and painted it lightly w/ a mixture of vintage white acrylic, glue, water and glitter
I wanted the letters to be a light blue

so, I found some blue fabric and placing the letters upside down, I traced them on to the fabric

then I cut them out

and glued the fabric on to the styrofoam with this silicon glue

then I painted the fabric with a glitter-glue solution

and using the same glue, attached them to my now dry board
  Don't you love my J-O-Y ? I have the perfect place for it but that will be another post. 
I love 'craftiness' especially having fun with others... 
 and I'm sharing the joy with 


  1. It is fabulous Robin. I really love how you added the backdrop of rustic wood. Nice job, and thanks for letting me know. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Robin, thanks for sharing your JOY! haha I am in total agreement with you about the word...it's one of my favorites too! I think your sign would be perfect all year round! Good job! Thanks for sharing.