Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Means Fun

Today is a rare and wonderful day. December 12, 2012 or 12-12-12. Pretty cool. I like it and think it's fun - which is kind of what this month is all about - busy, pretty, cheerful, ornamental - it's a happening month! I love the holiday music and singing carols. I love decorating my home and riding around looking at decorations. I love cooking and just all the 'good-eats'. And then, there's the special 'get-togethers' – those unique moments of gathering with family and friends; and the giving - lots of "God-gifts" will be given and Jesus will shine
But back to today ...
I woke up really early this morning and made myself stay in bed until 5:00 - I was so glad to see the zeros roll around so I felt I could just go ahead and get up. My brain was busy. I pushed the start button on the coffee pot and piddled around until I could sit down with a cup and start writing. I ended up writing about 8 pages of thoughts that were just going around in my head. Hubby got up a while later and reminded me of the uniqueness of the day - so, I added a date to my writing. I told him, we each need to do something special to mark today!  I guess my few little words will be my something special.
 But, then I also remembered that last year had a similar day - do you remember what you were doing on 11-11-11? I don't exactly but, I had the day marked in my dream journal and also, wrote a note on here. It was the month of Thanksgiving so, I acknowledged that this way: my November 11, 2011 note. It was neat - just to read that this morning and be thankful Lowell and I are still alive, healthy and able to rejoice in one another.
Here's hoping and praying your 12-12-12 is wonderful ... do something special with it!
I love December, don't you? Have some fun!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Here We Are

December already.
So many things have come to pass during the last few months.
The biggest being: our move stateside from Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras. My last entry on this blog was a fun entry with pictures of Sadie’s ‘nose-art’ at our home in SRC.  I looked at the note yesterday with some mixed feelings.
I’m happy we’re where we are now, but I guess I just wouldn’t be human if a part of me didn’t miss our Honduran home. For example, for the most part, I loved our house! It was beautiful – like a work of art. I loved the people that came and went from that home. I loved my ever-present flowers and fruit that were just a few steps away and always enjoyed. I loved the sunsets that we gloried in from day to day over the pastures by our home … those lovely mountains of the Honduran highlands. I loved waking up each morning to the call and singing of birds in Santa Rosa.
But it was time … for it to end; for us to be back here.
I love my ‘here’. Our new home is country/town – meaning that on 2 sides we have pasture land and the other 2 sides are road. I love this house – the original part was built in the 30’s … later added on to and the whole house is full of ‘character’- I fell in love with it immediately.  I love the seasons … we arrived in the heat of summer and her long wonderful days, have delighted in autumn and are currently in the beginning of winter. I love seasons … and whichever one I’m in the middle of is my favorite. (I used to say fall was the best of them all but now, I just love today!) We have the most gorgeous trees around our house. Ancient, big, bold and beautiful. My desk looks out towards a pasture and the yard right in front of this window is full of birds … singing, darting here and there, always putting on a show. We have cardinals, blue jays, blue birds, a red-headed woodpecker, wrens, and mockingbirds. The cows were moved from the far pastures to the ones closer to the house so we can enjoy them … there’s about 10 or so little calves who frolic and play all day. They are the cutest things!!
Oh my, we have the most beautiful sunsets ever!! …and we are surrounded by the brushy mountains with the Blue Ridge parkway less than a half hour away… wow, I love these blue, smoky hills. The Lord is so good.
Our home in Santa Rosa stayed busy … people coming and going through-out our weeks. Our home here is not so busy but still enjoys a crowd of people pretty regularly … our small group meets here on Sundays and it feels natural and right. And our neighbors come in for a Bible study on Monday evenings and generally, eat with us too. Perfect. And we have others in for a meal occasionally … just feels right to share the table with folks. I love it.
The church where Lowell is ‘evangelist’ is a tight family … open and generous and loving. They are some of the coolest, most genuine Christians I have ever had the privilege to be around. I am totally awed and humbled that God allowed us to be in this place.
A very big factor in coming stateside was to have time with our kids and grandbabies and that’s exactly what we did over the Thanksgiving holiday. My joy was over-flowing even though our time together was too short. My empty nest is still a little lonely for those kiddos but of course, we find contentment in the fact they are ‘flying independently’ and we could not be more proud of each of them.  Hubby and I are bestest of best friends and that is a comfort. We’re still up for adventure at a drop of a hat.
All in all, I feel very blessed.
One of my most favorite things in life right now is that I am getting reacquainted with some old ‘friends’ … cadmium yellow, burnt sienna, thalo green, yellow orche, alizarin crimson and chinese white among others … yep, I’ve taken up my acrylics and water colors and am loving the time with them. My first venture into my new ‘art-world’ was with the gifted evangelist/artist Jerry Tallman. I enjoyed 2 lessons in working with soft pastels with him back in September – that was totally new and exciting. His work is beautiful and I was very fortunate for that time. I’ve attempted 7 little works of my own – pretty fun!
Well, there it is. I had thought of starting a new blog and laying this one to rest; thought better of it and will just go from here … there might be some adjustments made, some new discoveries thrown in … but that’s what life is all about. Changing and growing - adapting to new people and places.
I believe life is just getting better and better.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Art Fun

If you've ever had a dog then you know this is true! 

This is where Sadie eagerly awaits our unlocking the door.
The front door ... the smudges kind of blend in with the background don't they?
The stairway window -

Sadie and Gabby, the cat, both press their noses against here as they hear us come in the outside gate.

The sliding door to the balcony - Sadie's favorite spot to overlook her 'realm' -
her nose will hit the window in her exuberance to get outside!
Again - the smudges kind of blend right in to the tile on the floor of the balcony ;) .

A cat, after being scolded, goes about its business. 
 A dog slinks off into a corner and pretends to be doing a serious self-reappraisal. 
 ~Robert Brault

A dog teaches a boy fidelity, perseverance,
and to turn around three times before lying down. 
~Robert Benchley

Old dogs,like old shoes, are comfortable,
They might be abit out of shape and alittle worn around the edges,
but they fit well
~Bonnie Wilcox