Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fresh Starts

I love fresh starts, new beginnings ... the chance to start over is sometimes welcomed and that's kind of what we get to do when a new year rolls around. However, I hardly said “hello” to January and we're already in the last chapter. I am seriously hoping the rest of the year is a little  slower, in control, purposed … I don't know exactly what I mean but I do know I want to
  1. live my word “believe”
  2. start on some very needed home projects
  3. develop a better routine for daily living
    - for my personal Bible study and writings
    - for my arts and crafts projects
    - for my classes with the kids in the neighborhood
    - for my Sunday evening class with the kids
    - for my study of Spanish
  4. and live abundantly every single day.
I don't have that in any particular order, just stuff on my mind. Sometimes I get weary of being so busy and it's hard to imagine adding one more thing to my life, but I probably waste more time than I realize. I don't want to be overly strict with myself … only lay down some guidelines. I realized today I don't even have a 2012 calendar up yet so will probably print one off today. I usually buy several from the $ stores stateside but didn't have the opportunity to do that!
Before we leave January I'll hopefully be writing a couple of more notes but in case I get side-tracked let me just share: 
January's flower is the Carnation.
 Some folks don't appreciate the carnation- maybe because it can be 'over-used' but I guess I just love all flowers - isn't this pink one pretty?



  1. The carnation is my second favorite flower--used to be my first, and then I discovered stargazer lilies for my wedding. The two go very well together!

  2. Believe has always been one of my favorite words. Fresh starts are necessary sometimes, aren't they? Our lives get so bogged down in chaos and clutter of happenings and events.

    It's sometimes nice to just have time to exhale. And take in a new fresh breath.

  3. My BFF has chosen the word "believe" as her personal motto ever since her husband was diagnosed with cancer. I am amazed by their continued faith. I too need to make time for personal devotions and growth in the Lord.