Thursday, February 23, 2012

This Robin is 'Thankful For My Nest'


Okay, I just couldn't resist ... I love this little picture of the Robin and her 'nest' and combining it with today's Thankful on a Thursday  and Miss Jenny's Alphabe-Thursday seemed perfect. Although, here my neck of the woods there are no actual 'robins' to enjoy we certainly have our fair share of lovely birds. In fact, as hubby got up the other morning he decided to record the birds on his phone. They usually have quite a symphony going to welcome our new day.
No matter where we've lived I've loved the songs of the birds in the early morning hours. Which brings me back to the point of today … to our current nest. I love it – we sit at in the middle of Honduran western hills and mountains.
neighborhoods of the loveliest people.
daytime view from my desk

a new sunset from our bedroom window or our family room every single day!
a street we walk several times a week
going out our front door - I love my cozy porch and flowers

Besides the different sounding birds our nest is filled with other indications that prove I am far from my native home – the voices on the street, the smells of cooking wafting in from the neighbors', the groceries in my kitchen, the honking of trucks with their musical horns or megaphones announcing the 'farmacia del dia', the people that come in and 'make themselves at home' and even my routines of daily life.
I've had way too many nests for sure – some big, some smaller, some in cities, others far out in the country-side – so many variables and distinctions but I can say, each and every one has been a delight. I always enjoy making a house a home after each of our moves. For all the differences and variances of life here and the life I lead in the States, or on one of the other 3 continents, I still am loving the same sunshine, the same blue skies and fluffy clouds. Inside it's the little things around me that let my heart know, I am home – at this place where I and my nearest and dearest loved ones hang our hearts at the end of the day and God is good.
our current nest
 Yes, I am thankful.